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New Article at Return of Kings: “Memoirs of a Misogynist is a Brutal and Entertaining Look at Our Sexual Dystopia”


Not many people know this, but I sometimes ghostwrite Return of Kings’ sponsored posts. Recently, I was tasked with reviewing Memoirs of a Misogynist: An Erotic Novel for Men by Chad T. Cocker. While I was initially suspicious of the book, I really enjoyed its take on modern gender relations, and as a result, the sponsored post was published under my real name:

Once again, it would have been easy for Cocker to depict Elizabeth as a raging, bra-burning feminist stereotype, but he agilely avoids clichés in favor of nuance. Elizabeth isn’t portrayed as a fire-breathing misandrist, but as a woman who unthinkingly absorbs leftist cant and has her life ruined because of it. The final chapters of the book show Elizabeth tussling with the sexual arousal she feels working for “Mr. X” (her name for the protagonist) and her attempts to maintain her beliefs as the evidence of her failed life piles up. I won’t spoil the ending, other than to say that after finishing the book, I had to sit on it and digest it for a few days.

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