Matt Forney
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New Article at Return of Kings: “Why Men Should Not Go to College”


I make the case against wasting your money on a college education in my newest ROK column:

Outside of math and the hard sciences, most college curricula have zero factual basis. I don’t mean necessarily that everything taught in them is a lie, but rather that there is no objective standard on which they are based. In math and hard sciences such as chemistry, for example, claims made by scholars and professors can be independently proven and verified. In the humanities and soft sciences, you can literally come up with any thesis you want and get away with it so long as you sound convincing. For example, I once wrote a term paper for an English class contrasting Jimmy Stewart’s character in Vertigo with Cary Grant’s in North by Northwest, arguing that Stewart played an effete beta and Grant a dashing alpha male (I’m dead serious; this was shortly after I discovered Roissy, Roosh and other game blogs).

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