Matt Forney
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New Article at Return of Kings: “Reddit Melts Down Due to Incompetent Feminist CEO Ellen Pao”


I report on the rapid SJW-fueled collapse of Reddit over at ROK:

Pao followed up this act with a massive purge of subreddits that offended her SJW sensibilities. Last month, a new rule change banned “harassing” subreddits such as r/FatPeopleHate and other anti-SJW sections of the site. Curiously, pro-SJW subreddits such as r/ShitRedditSays (which has a long history of harassing people, including doxing GamerGate supporters) and r/TheBluePill (which basically exists to troll r/TheRedPill) were ignored. “Chairman Pao” justified her new thought control regime with this creepily Orwellian line: “We’re banning behavior, not ideas.”

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