Matt Forney
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New Article at Return of Kings: “‘Unite The Right’ Rally in Charlottesville Shut Down by City Government and Their Violent Leftist Allies”

I interview Jason Kessler and Daniel Friberg on the leftist shutdown of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville at ROK:

Kessler also stated that there was insufficient protection due to a lack of Charlottesville city police (only state police) on the scene, and “Spencer, Baked Alaska, Horus the Avenger and a number of other people were maced in the face on the way into the event.” State police denied the speakers entry into the park, claiming they needed authorization from Charlottesville police. Kessler was unable to reach them, and when they finally arrived twenty minutes later, they told him that they were “declaring an unlawful assembly and they had to leave.”

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