Matt Forney
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New Article at Right On: “The Alternative Right Infiltrates the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners”


I discuss my time working as a Republican election judge on Election Day as well as Trump’s victory at Right On:

My sources attributed the lack of turnout in part to early voting, at which point it all snapped into clear focus for me. The city had gone out of their way to make in-person voting on Election Day as cumbersome as possible. My precinct had nine paper ballot polling booths and only one electronic voting machine, meaning voters who wanted to cast their ballots electronically almost always had to wait. The alternative was to patiently fill out a comically oversized paper ballot (in addition to federal and state races, we also had countless judgeships, special district seats, and proposals to vote on), a daunting task for the liquor-and-weed loving inhabitants of Rogers Park.

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