Matt Forney
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New Article at Right On: “Evan McMullin and the Mormon Fifth Column”


I examine the Evan McMullin campaign, Mormons’ hatred of American nationalism, and the LDS Church’s wars against the U.S. government at Right On:

The LDS Church never learned that if you get kicked out of one bar, it might be because the owner is an asshole, but if you get kicked out of every bar you go into, you might be the asshole. Three months and two dozen shooting deaths later, the Mormons fled across the Mississippi River to Illinois, where Smith prophesied that Lilburn Boggs would “die by violent hands within one year.” Coincidentally, in 1842, Boggs was the victim of an assassination attempt, with Smith associate Porter Rockwell the primary suspect; Mormons celebrated the near-murder of the hated governor.

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