Matt Forney
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New Article at Right On: “The God-Emperor Comes Home”

I report on President Trump’s recent USA Thank You Tour rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Right On:

The evidence was in the turnout. I drove to the rally with my friend Alidisti, and by the time we arrived (1:30 pm, well before the doors opened), there was already a line several hundred strong. As we waited in the cold, a lake effect snowstorm blew through the area, dampening our coats but not our ardor. We watched as multiple pro-Trump grandstanders set up signs in the parking lot, including one guy who unveiled a sign reading “President Trump! Clinton Immoral: Will God Judge America?” that he had to assemble with a hammer and power drill. (To answer his question, in the words of the hag from Pumpkinhead, “He already has, son. He already has.”) Overhead, a single-prop did loop-de-loops with a banner reading “Drain the Swamp. No Bannon, No Sessions.”

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