Matt Forney
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New Article at Right On: “Hillary Clinton, the Alt-Right, and the Globalist Cthulhu”

Hillary Gone Crazy

I discuss the implications of Hillary’s alt-right speech at Right On:

Proving once again that they’re the cheapest whores in the brothel, many cuckservatives gushed about how much they enjoyed the Potemkin patriotism of the Democratic National Convention last month. Rich Galen burst into tears while watching it on TV, while corpulent blob Erick Erickson breathlessly declared it the “convention of patriotism this year.” A week later, these same dweebs were trying to defenestrate Trump for impugning the patriotism of Khizr “Kinky Lick” Khan, ’cause we gotta support the troops (by sending them to die in meaningless Middle Eastern wars).

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