Matt Forney
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New Article at Right On: “Los Angeles: A Vision of the Globalist Future”


I analyze how globalization has destroyed L.A.—and will destroy America—at Right On:

Transportation in L.A. is strictly segregated by class: mass transit is only used by people who can’t afford a car or who are legally barred from driving one. In practice, this means Blacks, Latinos and White trash: if you ever see a pretty White girl on the L.A. Metro, she’s an alcoholic who got one too many DUIs. This is in sharp contrast to the East Coast; next to death, the New York City Subway is the great equalizer. Everyone rides the subway in NYC, from penniless panhandlers to llello-sniffing day traders to celebrities and politicians. Even in Chicago, the L is used by everyone from stock exchange meatheads to bums looking for a mobile motel. In California, though, if you’re using mass transit, it’s because you’re one of globalization’s losers. I took the Red Line to the Red Pill premiere and everyone on the train looked at me funny because I was wearing a suit.

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