Matt Forney
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New Article at Right On: “Twilight of the Bernie Bros”


I report on yesterday’s anti-DNC sit-in at FDR Park at Right On:

The entrance to FDR Park was blocked off with Jersey barriers and occupied by a giant “FOOD NOT BOMBS” banner. Inside, the park resembled an #OccupyWallStreet squat, with two tent camps and an assortment of skinny Whites milling about. Near the front, the Green Party had set up a booth and were shilling for Jill Stein; behind the baseball diamond, a stage had been set up, where a godawful musician was singing off-key to an mostly empty audience. Around me, hipsters carried signs with delightful slogans such as “Hillary is a Lying Cunt” and “Harambe’s Killer Walks Free.”

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