Matt Forney
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New Article at Swoop the World: “How to Get Groupies by Blogging”


I explain how you can convert your offensive, misogynistic manosphere blog into a never-ending pussy engine in a guest post at Swoop the World:

We all know how thirsty most guys are, how they desperately Like hot girls’ Facebook posts and kiss their asses in the vain hope that they’ll get laid. When you have groupies, the script is flipped: you’re the desirable one and they’re the ones groveling for your approval. Groupies are so needy and insecure that they’ll be suppliant to you as a matter of course; in Life During Peacetime, I described how that girl not only made me breakfast, but insisted on doing my dishes, vacuuming out my living room, and dumping Drano in my toilet. Provided you don’t weird her out, you can talk a groupie into doing just about anything, sexual or otherwise.

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