Matt Forney
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New Article at Taki’s Magazine: “Gawker Media: Hypocrites vs. Douchecanoes”

gawkerI take on Nick Denton’s abusive treatment of Jezebel’s staffers—and the racket that social justice campaigns are in general—in my latest at Takimag:

And there’s the punch line. Gawker Media, the company that gets people fired from their jobs for making “sexist” jokes, has been creating a hostile work environment for its women staffers for months. They’re the leftist equivalent of a priest who rails against homosexuality only to be caught molesting altar boys in the confessional booths. In staying silent on this for so long, Dodai Stewart, Lindy West, and Jezebel’s other star employees have shown themselves to be frauds. They don’t care about feminism, “fat shaming,” or whatever cause they’re screeching about today; all they care about is money and power. And now we have the proof.

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