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New Article at Taki’s Magazine: “Soulless in Santa Barbara”

elliot rodger

I make my debut at Takimag with an article about the so-called “MRA Murderer” Elliot Rodger and how his spree was influenced not by the manosphere but by his own innate defectiveness:

It’s funny how the left, for all their bleating about how the manosphere encourages “misogyny” and violence against women, has only just now deigned to notice PUA Hate. Two years ago, in one of their quarterly Intelligence Reports, the SPLC went on a rampage against the manosphere, naming my old site In Mala Fide as well as my friend Roosh’s blog as “hate groups.” PUA Hate was conspicuously absent from their reports, despite the fact that they actually engage in criminal activity. Imagine 4chan’s /b/ devoid of humor or self-awareness and you have PUA Hate in a nutshell. The forum’s posters have repeatedly attempted to “dox” (expose the real identities of) prominent anti-feminist and seduction writers, have bragged about hacking Roosh’s forum in order to divulge his location to violent neo-Nazis, and have even stalked the girlfriends of PUA bloggers. Yet anti-anti-feminist writers such as David Futrelle don’t spend a tenth of the energy denouncing them as they do people like myself.

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