Matt Forney
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New Article at Taki’s Magazine: “Twit Planet”

poosyparadiseI take on Millennial social media addiction, sexual dysfunction and more in a review-cum-analysis of Roosh’s new memoir Poosy Paradise at Takimag:

Poosy Paradise, while not perfect, is a poignant portrait of the tragicomedy of modern love. While himself a Gen-Xer, Roosh writes to the Millennial generation, the young’uns who’d rather fiddle with their iPhones than fuck. We Millennials prefer porn to partying and video games to real life, a product of endless helicopter parenting and draconian laws that lead to teenage sexters being booked for trafficking in kiddie porn. On the few occasions we can even be bothered to hook up, it’s through something like Tinder, where there’s no emotional commitment or even human contact beyond the genital grinding. Just swipe right and get some free dick delivered piping hot to your Brooklyn shoebox, no effort required.

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