Matt Forney
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New Article at Terror House Magazine: “Incelsploitation — A Review of Cuck”

I review the new anti-alt-right movie Cuck over at Terror House Magazine:

Of course, unlike Sam Mendes, Solondz never won an Oscar, so it’s clear why Lambert chose to imitate the former in his quest for clout and wokeness points. Bad move. Cuck is chock-full of graphic depravity, par for the course for indie films of this type—we’re treated to multiple hardcore sex scenes, frequent shots of Ronnie masturbating, and even one bit where he takes a money shot to the face—but instead of feeling disgusted or concerned, I just laugh. Moreover, all the sex scenes are filmed in such a prurient, voyeuristic fashion that it feels like Lambert made the movie solely so he could have an excuse to watch big black bucks in action.

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