Matt Forney
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New Article at Terror House Magazine: “Looking Back at Terror House Magazine’s First Year”

I celebrate the one-year anniversary of Terror House Magazine by discussing our triumphs, failures, and plans for the future:

That success has been fueled by our talented contributors. The mewling hacks of #saferLIT tried to starve out Terror House by boycotting us and threatening to blackball our writers; they backfired spectacularly because we now get enough submissions to publish two or three per day. As of this writing, we have published 525 submissions from 258 different authors, ranging from poetry to serialized novellas and everything in between. Our contributors run the gamut from more conventional writers to truly experimental weirdness (like the time we helped publicly humiliate a left-wing sex pest), from up-and-coming authors to big names like James Nulick, Marston Hefner, Jay Dyer, and Logo Daedalus. Our ongoing Best of the Month Contest and last month’s Easter Submission Contest have underscored our commitment to rewarding our writers financially whenever we can.

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