New Article at Terror House Press: “Down in the High Desert — An Interview with Mather Schneider”

I interview Mather Schneider, author of Terror House’s forthcoming release Rhythm & Mucous, at Terror House Press:

Bukowski wrote his novel Women and most women hate it, millennials or otherwise. Bukowski was no womanizer. Shit, you’ve probably had more women than Bukowski ever did. The average professional basketball player or rock star probably has more women in a month than Bukowski had his whole life. I guess he sometimes bragged about it, but when you’re as ugly as Bukowski and you get laid at all, that’s a kind of miracle. It has been explained over and over again that Bukowski wrote about most of the women he knew in the way he did because that’s who they were. If a woman was a bitch, he called her a bitch. He portrayed them honestly, for the most part. He ran with street women, whores, alkies, uglies, crazies, etc. Most any woman who ended up in Bukowski’s bed certainly had issues. So many readers today can’t seem to grasp that women like that actually exist, and that Bukowski knew them, and sometimes loved them. Bukowski was a complete loser, a suicide kid, and he never said otherwise. How you can hate a horrendously ugly guy with a terrible childhood who finally pulled himself out of the gutter is beyond my understanding. He made a lot of people happier. Me included.

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