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ryan landry

New Article at Terror House Press: “Be the Lighthouse — An Interview with Ryan Landry”

I interview Ryan Landry at Terror House Press on his forthcoming book, Masculinity Amidst Madness:

Funny you mention this. because the few people who have read this have said it was more secular than they expected. I am a Christian, but have always viewed it as not for everyone. It can be a tremendous experience for people who are ready for it, but not everyone is. From my messages with Roosh in August 2017, I knew he would eventually join a church, but I did not know the time. I’m happy he did on his terms when he was ready. I view religion as one piece to what makes us who we are. I’ve also met Hindu nationalists and East Asians where my advice is discover whatever is core in your identity that the globohomo empire has been denying you. We all are fighting the same global villain who wishes to turn us into the New Progressive Man and strip us of everything we are meant to be and have been molded to be by our families.

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