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A New Direction for

Due to recent changes in the alternative media landscape, I’ve been forced to take my writing in a different direction. While I’ve been focusing on direct coverage of major political events for the past year and a half, the failure of my two most recent fundraising campaigns to cover the Dutch and French elections, respectively, have made me realize that my audience is no longer interested in my political journalism.

While I was able to fill funding gaps in the past with my own funds, my desperate financial situation—as well of that of alternative media in general—means I can no longer do that.

For the past couple of months, Google has been attempting to hurt my income by reducing search traffic to my website, particularly on my highest-earning blog posts. This has had a cascading effect on my book sales and affiliate marketing income, making it increasingly difficult to pay my bills. The closure of Right On has also had a significant impact on my income, as I was getting paid to write articles and produce my podcast This Alt-Right Life for them. Last year, Amazon Associates banned my account for no reason, depriving me of the income I earned from writing book reviews.

The same story is happening across all of alternative media. My friend and colleague Roosh V was recently banned from PayPal for no reason, presumably because they didn’t like the content on Return of Kings. When he called them up demanding an explanation, he was told that the case was sealed, there was no way to appeal, and the only way he’d be able to definitively find out why he was banned would be to hire a lawyer and subpoena PayPal. Sites like Breitbart have had their ad revenue pulled due to left-wing smear campaigns, YouTube demonetization is ruining the careers of many prominent video personalities, and alt-media sites are being forced to lay off staffers and cut salaries just to make ends meet.

The globalist attacks on our income show that we’re having a definite impact in fighting them, but they’re also making it increasingly difficult for us to make a living. Journalism is a full-time job, and it doesn’t pay; I lost more money in reporting on the U.S. presidential election than I would have ever made back in increased book sales and the like. I didn’t do it because I was looking to get rich, I did it because I believed in President Trump and that reporting on the campaign would help change America—in a small way—for the better and help whites.

I know my work had an impact on the election because my articles here, at Right On and at Return of Kings got tens, hundreds of thousands, millions of hits:

In the process of doing all this, I gave up more lucrative jobs that would have actually made money. I gave up my physical health: due to all the writing and driving I had to do, I gained weight, couldn’t exercise, and screwed up my back (which has fortunately been fixed). I gave up my social life: during the last months of the campaign, I was basically a shut-in and spent all my time analyzing DNC and email leaks. I even risked my physical safety and life itself, as I was nearly jumped by antifas at the RNC and DNC.

I’m not complaining. I’m glad I did all this work and I’m humbled that there was an audience not only willing to read and share it, but help fund me doing it. I’m also gratified that sites like Return of Kings and Right On were willing to pay to publish it.

But it simply doesn’t pay the bills.

With the contracting alternative media economy and the failures of my two recent fundraisers, I’m pivoting to write articles that are more popular and less expensive to produce. If that sounds like selling out, well, the readers have spoken, and they prefer reading about Ukrainian girls to reading about Marine Le Pen’s campaign. I’ll still provide coverage of important news events when I can—such as the protests against the closure of George Soros’ Central European University here in Budapest—but anything that involves extensive fundraising is out of the question.

I don’t expect my readers to give me donations unless I’m using them for a higher purpose (which is why I offer refunds), so I’ve been looking for a job to pay the bills while I rebuild my blog. No luck so far. If you have any writing, editing or consultation work that needs to get done, I’m your man. Click here and here for more information. Remember that I have books and podcasts for sale too, and you can also advertise on this site (which has tens of thousands of readers a month). And if you really want to donate, you can do so here.

Your patronage—in the form of book purchases, gigs and donations—is literally keeping me alive.

My emphasis for the immediate future will be on completing my book on the presidential election (hopefully out soon) and anything that contributes to my survival. Your readership is much appreciated, your support is much welcomed (and very necessary), and I hope you’ll stick around.