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New York City Meetup: June 6th


As I mentioned on Monday, Kid Strangelove and I are potentially holding a NYC meetup the first weekend of June. Emphasis on the potentially. Let me explain.

So far, my attempts to hold a more organized meetup in New York haven’t worked. At the same time, the number of guys who want to meet me for a drink have skyrocketed. During the four days I was in NYC in February, I met no less than five fellow bloggers/writers: Maxwell Demon, Law Dogger, Kid Strangelove, Didact and Dom Torres. Indeed, as Dom can attest to, I ended up sprinting three miles across Manhattan to meet him after going to a show in Hell’s Kitchen (I blame drunkenness and my phone dying).

Basically, there are a lot of cool guys in New York and not enough days in the week to meet ’em all individually. What to do?

Simple: I’ve reached out to NYC native Kid Strangelove to help gin up interest and plan the festivities. I’m going to be in New York on Thursday, June 5th for a concert; if enough people are interested in a formal meetup the day after, I’ll be sticking around for the weekend. Nothing fancy: just meet, greet, drink and have fun. Kid Strangelove has also selected a venue for the meetup which I will announce on the blog at a later date. This will be the last time I come to NYC for the foreseeable future (as I’m leaving the U.S. entirely in July), so save the date.

1. When will the meetup be?

June 6th. It will start at 8pm and go as long as we can stay vertical or the bars close, whichever comes first. And since New York’s closing time is 4am, that means we could be out for a while.

2. How will I recognize the guys at the meetup?

I will devise a “secret handshake” that will be announced at a later date.

3. Are girls allowed?

We operate on cult rules: all female participants must be attractive, thin and willing to take the 13th step (either with myself or Kid Strangelove). If you can satisfy all three requirements, you are welcome to attend.

4. Isn’t this just gonna be a huge sausage fest? Will any of you losers get laid?

Yes and possibly yes. I’m just going because I like meeting people, but who knows what might happen? I met Kid Strangelove for a drink last time I was in town and the night got surreal.

5. What about logistics for out-of-towners?

Air: Use Skyscanner to find cheap flights to NYC. Stick to flights that land at LaGuardia or JFK unless you enjoy pain and suffering.

Land: Megabus offers cheap buses to NYC from most major East Coast cities, and Boltbus operates routes between NYC, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark and Washington, D.C. There are also cheap bus services from regional operators like Trailways of New York. Amtrak provides train service to Penn Station, and you can also use regional rail lines such as Metro-North, Port Authority Trans-Hudson, NJ Transit and the Long Island Rail Road.

Hotels: For hotel rooms proper, check out for deals starting at $112/night. Airbnb rentals in the city start at around $65/night. Finally, there are a lot of good hostels in the area starting at $32/night. Ideally, you want a location that’s in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens and is located within walking distance of the subway. Also, don’t pick a spot that’s right by a highway unless you enjoy being woken up at six in the morning by the lovely sounds of rush hour traffic.

If you are interested, please let Kid Strangelove or myself know as soon as possible by dropping either of us an email (my email here; his here). He and I are both on Twitter, here and here respectively, and in my case you can also drop me a line on Facebook. Hope to see you there.

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  • Feel free to come out Sunday, May 18th in NYC. There will be an afternoon meetup in central park. PM me by twitter if interested.

  • I’m in, might arrive late though.