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Anyone Interested in a New York City Meetup in November?


I mentioned this in last week’s podcast, but here it is for the people who missed it.

I’ll be visiting New York City for the first week of November, roughly from the 6th to the 11th. Since the single largest share of my readership hails from New York City (with London and Los Angeles dueling it out for the number two spot), since I won’t be able to make Mitch and Doctor Illusion’s meetup in Vegas next month, and since it’s fucking New York, I’ve decided to float the idea of a meetup.

Everything’s speculative at this point, mainly because in order to make a meetup happen, I need a few things beforehand:

  • Where to hold it? I haven’t been to New York in years, since I was barely old enough to drink, so my knowledge of the cool nightlife spots is limited. Also, everyone I knew down there has either moved away or is busy that week. I’ll need someone from the area to help me find a bar and generally help me coordinate things. Since I’m not taking one of my nice suits down on Amtrak and I refuse to do any driving in the Tri-State Area, I’d rather hold the meetup at a more casual or hipster kind of place.
  • What day(s) to hold it? Since I’ll be busy that Saturday, it will likely have to be on Friday the 8th. If there’s enough interest, I can extend things to Thursday.
  • Transportation/lodging? I’ve taken care of my own transportation and I’ve got a place to stay, but everyone else will have to work things out themselves.
  • What to do? Don’t get any illusions; any meetup I spearhead won’t be a total free-for-all like the Vegas meetup or Roosh’s infamous bash in Washington last year.

If anyone’s interested in a New York City meetup (or are from the area and want to help me plan things), shoot me an email, get at me on Twitter or Facebook, or leave a comment on this post. If enough people are interested, I can get the ball rolling.

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  • docillusion

    I’ve already done a week on the beach with Mitch this year and about to do a week in Vegas. I’ve burned up my vacation time for this year. We should get together to plan one next year that everyone can make it to, though.

  • mike

    I wish I could make it. Your writing is interesting.

  • I might be around, i should at least be working in manhattan friday. What type of chicks and/or beer you looking for?

  • Max

    East village we should hit up lit lounge, home sweet home and beauty bar.

  • I live in in East Village as well, just stumbled on to your site but impressed with your writing. Would be cool to meet up.