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New York City Meetup, Take Two


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m heading to New York City next Wednesday (November 6) for a week of “workcation” (so called because even when I’m on vacation, I’m always stuck working on something). I had floated the idea of a semi-organized meetup two months ago, and while some people expressed interest, I’ve had to scuttle the idea due to the hordes of haters who are no doubt looking to stalk me.

Nonetheless, it’d be cool to meet up with some of my readers and fellow bloggers.

Therefore, if you want to grab a drink or something sometime between the 6th and the 13th, feel free to get in contact with me. Some guidelines though:

  1. You can email me, direct message me on Twitter (if I follow you) or send a message to my Facebook page, but if I don’t already know who you are (i.e. you aren’t a ‘sphere blogger, well-known commenter or Tweeter etc.), I’d greatly prefer it if you contacted me on Facebook so I know you’re a real person and not a feminist troll looking to organize a posse. I don’t mean to seem insulting, but you’ve seen the number of death threats I get on a daily basis; statistically, there’s at least one or two people who are seriously considering coming after me. Anyone who messages me via Facebook will get priority over emailers/Tweeters (again, unless you’re a blogger, prolific commenter or someone I already know).
  2. I’ll be busy on Saturday and Monday (the 9th and 11th) nights, so I won’t be able to meet up then.
  3. Since I haven’t been to NYC in a while, I’d prefer it if you suggest a place to meet up. I’d also prefer to stick to Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens; I’m not going anywhere outside the city itself. Also, as I said already, since I don’t want to bring my nice suits on Amtrak (and I refuse to do any driving in the Tri-State Area), I’d prefer more casual or hipster places where I can get away with wearing my ironic eighties punk rock T-shirts and skinny jeans.

If this all sounds good, shoot me an email/DM/PM and we’ll get this thing rolling.

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  • Tom aghy

    Don’t know if you still live in Portland but, if so, please leave.

  • Rob Stark

    You need to come down to the DC/Baltimore area. Would you ever do an H.L. Mencken Club or NPI conference?

  • Rob: Possibly, but I have nothing but loathing for the D.C./Maryland/northern Virginia area, so I’ll need more of an incentive.