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My Next Book, The Hitchhiking Crash Course, Drops This Friday: Get it for a Discount

A new month means a new book out from yours truly. I decided to cram all my wisdom about hitchhiking—how to dress, what to bring, where to do it—into a single volume for the benefit of future adventurers. The Hitchhiking Crash Course is quite possibly the only handbook on hitching in the modern era, dealing with the unique struggle of getting rides in an atomized, paranoid police state America (and elsewhere).

And like I did with Confessions of an Online Hustler, I’m launching it at a discount.

Because of the book’s brevity and the fact that it’s on a niche subject, I’m selling it at an already low price: $3.99 for the e-book version and $6.99 for the paperback. But for this weekend only, the e-book edition of Crash Course will be $2.99 (a 25% discount) while the paperback will be $4.99 (a 30% discount). The discounts end on Sunday at midnight EST (9pm PST), so get ’em while the getting’s good.

And now, the question on all your minds: why write a book about this?

Like making money online, hitchhiking is a subject laced with heaping piles of bullshit. Because most “pro” hitchhikers are basically bums with no sense of organization or business savvy, the “official” hitching resources online are haphazardly designed and range from sort-of informative to useless. Not only that, they’re often pushed by “freegans” and other weirdos. In contrast, I have a day job, I can design a functional website, and I have mild, hygiene-related OCD.

I’ve also never gone dumpster diving.

I seriously doubt I’m going to inspire a hitchhiking revolution, either with this book or my forthcoming memoir, but I felt this information was too valuable to let molder in the recesses of my mind. My market isn’t the types who spange for a living, it’s normal guys (and gals: there’s segments for lady hitchhikers too) who live normal lives and might just want to shake their lives up.

April 12th: mark it.