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What Next?

Six months in the making and I finally made it to my destination. So what the hell am I gonna do now? On the agenda:

1. Find a place to stay.

This has been surprisingly difficult, not helped by the fact that I’m financially running on fumes even after cutting corners everywhere. I’d rather not end up in some homeless shantytown, so I’ll “creatively” finance a month-long stay at one of the local hostels if it comes down to it (only $20 a night, by far the cheapest hostels in the U.S. I’ve ever encountered). You likely won’t be hearing much from me until I have a roof over my head. I have three more “Notes from the Road” articles to file (as well as some other observations from the road) before closing the book on this trip.

2. Get a job.

Self-explanatory; an “underemployment” type job will give me enough income to sustain myself along with enough free time to keep up the blog and other projects. Portland is disturbingly affordable due to the complete lack of sales taxes, among other things.

3. Get my own place.

Again, self-explanatory.

4. Finish writing books.

I plan on having my first title out by late January/early February, contingent on finding a place to stay. The big book about this trip will be out sometime over the summer.

5. Plan the next trip.

I’m not done traveling, not yet. I might not be hitching anymore, but I’m planning on going on yet another trip across the states that I haven’t visited. The earliest this will be happening is the summer.

6. Other stuff.

I’ve got a few ideas in the pipeline, but I’m keeping them under wraps for now.

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