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Night Game vs. Day Game vs. Online Game


If there’s one good thing about the Philippines, it’s that living there has forced me to diversify my game arsenal. In the U.S., I was mainly reliant on day game (with the occasional carousing in bars), but the Philippines almost requires you to do night, day and online game in roughly equal measures. At the same time, your ability to pull girls through each method is almost identical. The main difference between the three methods is the amount of work you need to do and the kind of girls you can pull.

I’ve come to the conclusion that night game, day game and online game are each really geared for men with different personalities. While it behooves a man to be well-rounded, ultimately you’re going to end up gravitating to one particular style based on your wants, skill set and way of thinking. Here’s my assessment of each type of game and the kind of man it’s suited for. This post assumes that your goal is to bang a lot of girls, mainly to eliminate excess variables.

For what it’s worth, your environment will also play a big role in your success with these different methods. For example, roughly 60 percent of my lays in Davao were from online dating, 35 percent from day game and five percent from night game. In Manila, 50 percent of my bangs came from day game, 45 percent from night game, and five percent from online dating. The discrepancy is because I spent a couple months pipelining girls on FilipinoCupid before I came to the Philippines; a good thing because the nightlife in Davao is a joke. In contrast, there were so many girls to pick up both day and night in Manila that I simply didn’t have the time for online dating.

Night Game

Night game has two huge advantages: speed and thrill. Day and online game require a warm-up period where you take the girl on dates, feel her out, develop rapport and eventually get the bang. With bars and clubs, you can get laid that night, thanks to alcohol, ecstasy and strobe lights. Not only that, pulling a girl from a club gives you an adrenaline rush that neither day nor online game can match. The slow boil of day and online game is enough to deter high-energy guys from devoting too much time to it.

There’s nothing like that ego kick of taking a girl back from a bar and fucking her silly.

The biggest problem with night game is that it requires both looks and social savvy, more so than the other two. With day and online game, shy or less attractive guys have more of an opportunity to display their good qualities and get girls to fall in love with them. As Voltaire put it, “give me ten minutes to talk away my ugly face and I can bed the queen of France.” With night game, you need to be able to instill primal, lustful attraction in a girl in order to walk away with the prize. This isn’t terribly difficult in the Philippines, seeing as Filipinos are in love with all things white and American, but night game still has a difficulty curve that less socially savvy guys might have trouble clearing.

Additionally, picking up girls at clubs and bars is expensive. Here in Manila, taxi fares, cover charges and booze prices will chip away at your finances, particularly in the higher-end venues in Makati. Even clubs in Malate that don’t have covers (such as Club Zzyzx and Exklusiv) typically charge about a hundred pesos (about $2) per bottle of Red Horse. That may not sound like a lot, and by American standards it isn’t, but considering that the same bottle costs about 40 pesos at the supermarket, the miser in me dies a little every time I go out.

Finally, this may sound trite, but you’re not likely to find good girls at night, at least in the Philippines. While the distinction between “bar girls”/”club girls” and the rest of the female population is meaningless in the U.S.—sorry haters, but the girls in bars are the exact same kind you’ll meet everywhere else—in the Philippines, there actually is a reservoir of women who avoid the club scene and try to remain chaste until marriage. You won’t find them at night. You’ll find attention whores, druggies, yellow cabs looking to hook up with well-endowed white men, hookers you can shore (seduce and fuck for free), and scenester phonies, but no good girls.

Overall, night game is best for high-energy guys who can cut a sharp image and prefer the ease of getting the bang over the quality of the girl they end up with.

Day Game

Day game exists between the laborious, patient grind of online game and the high-octane hit of night game. With day game, you can find both good girls looking for a boyfriend/husband and repressed sluts in search of one-night stands. In particular, it’s very easy to talk Manila girls you meet at the mall or wherever into joining you for a drink at a club later in the week.

The advantage of day game is that it’s both inexpensive and easy to integrate into your daily routine. You don’t need to pay money to go to the mall, walk around on the sidewalk, or hang out at the park, and there are plenty of girls in those places looking for a man to sweep them off their feet. And since you’re going to be spending time in these places anyway, it’s not like you’re going out of your way to get laid. Girls are also less snobby and friendlier during the day.

The main problem with day game, aside from the aforementioned amount of time it takes to go from meeting to banging, is the flake rate. Since there’s no sexual vibe in a daytime interaction with a girl, you run the risk of her forgetting about you and/or not showing up to your dates. While flaking is much less common in the Philippines than in the U.S., you should prepare for anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of your prospects not responding to your approaches.

I’d rank day game as the best for regular guys who may not necessarily want to deal with the bullshit of nightlife.

Online Game

Online dating is ideal for guys who are too lazy to talk to girls in real life. In the Philippines, it’s possible to bang dozen of girls without ever having to approach a single one. Additionally, online dating is heavily skewed towards the girlfriend/wife-types of girls (at least in the Philippines), so if you’re looking for a good girlfriend, the Internet is the best place to go.

The biggest problem with online dating is that it’s… just… so… slow.

With night and day game, you have an advantage in that you’ve already met the girl in the flesh. Online dating adds a middleman: the website itself. Your approach has to be oriented around getting her off the site and to meet you in real life as soon as possible. Because of this, there’s more of an opportunity for her to flake, play stupid games or otherwise stall. Additionally, the actual process of getting her into bed is lengthened considerably. I have yet to bang a girl I met online in fewer than two dates.

Finally, excessively using online dating will cause your social skills to atrophy. I have no doubt that my generation of men have inferior game to, say, Roosh’s generation because of this, and the generation of men younger than us has even weaker game. Without being tossed into the octagon of public interaction, you’ll never develop the thick skin necessary to weather approaches. When I was living in Davao, for example, I gradually lost the desire to go out because I knew I could just arrange dates from the comfort of my apartment.

I still believe that online dating is ideal for men who don’t mind a protracted seduction and prefer to bang girls without having to do the hard work of approaching. However, relying on it is probably a bad thing in the long run.

Ultimately, which method of game you gravitate to will depend on your personality and location. A man needs to be proficient in night and day game and online dating to succeed with women, but it’s best to focus your energies on the type of game that jives best with who you are.

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    And I know that guys from the Swooptheworld crew are also highly sexualizing online game via early on Skype interactions, striptease and sometimes even joint masturbation sessions before the first meeting. I think that some of those guys put it in their books.

  • I was doing the Skype thing way back when I first hit Japan. Back then, they had Skype Me Mode, so it was easier to find new people.

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