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There Are No Feminists in the Real World

You know the 4chan catchphrase “there are no women on the Internet”? On the surface, it seems ridiculous; of course there are women on the Internet. But if you dig deeper, you’ll figure out the saying’s true meaning.

Women have no power on the Internet.

Online, a woman’s greatest asset—her sexual power—is blunted, if not gone entirely. Oh sure, you still get chumps hanging off the words of “red pill women” and thirsty-ass chodes leaving sickening comments on girls’ Instagram selfies, but this is a world apart from the life-or-death power that all but the fattest, ugliest women wield in real life. On the Internet, you can confront obnoxious women, shut them down and run them out of town without consequences, behavior that would earn you a beatdown from the police and/or white knights in real life. The “misogynistic” culture in video gaming and the like that parasites like Anita Sarkeesian whine about is the result of women being unable to effectively wield their sexual power on the Internet.

The title of this post has the same meaning: feminists have no power in the real world.

I’m dead serious when I say this. Feminism peaked in the early nineties: ever since then, it’s been on a downward slope, overdue for a straight drop into the abyss of dead ideologies, sharing a tomb with the Shakers. The consternation we’re witnessing online from the Jizzabellers and blue pillers and social justice warriors is the last cry of the gazelle before it gets torn apart by the lions, meat for the young’uns.

Here’s why feminism will cease to be an important ideology in the next decade.

1. Feminists are rare in real life.

Portland, Oregon is the only city I’ve ever lived in where I was forced to deal with open, loud-and-proud feminists, and that’s only because the city is a magnet for degenerate layabouts. Everywhere else I’ve lived—New York, Vermont, North Dakota, Wisconsin—feminists are either nonexistent or so small in number that you’d have to specifically seek them out to get annoyed by them.

Hanging around losers is not what I consider to be a good use of my time.

This is part of the reason why I moved away from the MRA/MGTOW “ALL AMERICAN WOMEN ARE EVIL CUNTS DON’T GET MARRIED OR MARRY A THIRD-WORLD CHICK” rhetoric; it doesn’t survive a basic encounter with reality. While most girls are psychologically damaged, they’re not sperm-stealing, ball-cutting, Dworkin-quoting, hairy-pitted succubi. Most of them are just painfully deluded idiots, and you’ll forgive me if I don’t get FUCKING! PISSED! at people whose “crime” is being credulous morons.

The fact of the matter is that unless you’re in college, the only time you’ll regularly encounter feminists is… online, and that’s only if you specifically seek them out. If you enjoy bringing yourself down by reading Jezebel and the like, I can’t stop you, but I prefer to do better things with my time.

2. Feminists are cowards who tuck tail and run when the targets they harass fight back.

You might claim that the greater number of feminists compared to manospherians/red pillers gives them an advantage, but an army is only useful so long as it can be focused and organized.

And there’s the problem: feminists won’t lift a finger to help their fellow women when they’re in need.

Oh sure, when the odds are overwhelmingly in their favor, they’ll gang-stalk and harass manosphere bloggers, but if there’s the slightest chance that they might lose, the feminists always scatter like rats. In contrast, the manosphere functions as a unified front. Whenever a leftist goes after us, despite our differences, we close ranks and take up arms against the interlocutor. The attempted ABC smear piece on us is a case in point; I actually rekindled friendships with a couple of guys I’d cut off as a result of that incident, and our retaliation scared 20/20 so badly that they pulled the piece.

Silly girls, solidarity is for men.

A prime example of this is the recent attack on Return of Kings contributor Vincent Vinturi. When Sara C. Nelson got Vinturi’s book pulled from Amazon by falsely labeling it a “rape guide,” Roosh and company marshaled their efforts to strike back. A couple days later, Roosh posted an article rightly accusing Nelson of libel, which shot up to the top five on Google within hours, where it will ruin her future employment prospects (and potentially open her up for a lawsuit). This is all the more remarkable when you consider Vinturi’s books directly compete with Roosh’s, and the latter benefits in a small way from having the former’s pulled off the market.

While a number of feminists whined about Roosh’s efforts and accused him of being “paranoid,” not one of them tried to help Nelson in any substantive way. All those tough-talking Rabbit People left their fellow bunny to get eaten by the wolves. In fact, the only person who tried to defend Nelson and fight Roosh was… a man.

White knights are the only reason why feminists have any power, and those white knights are themselves cowards who fold at the first sign of danger. When Roosh recently confronted a white knight who’d been stalking him and falsely claiming he spreads STDs to girls, the little dweeb ran away and actually called the police because he was afraid Roosh would punch him. Deric Lostutter, the twerpazoid who led the Anonymous lynch mob on Steubenville, is currently looking at twenty years in federal prison for his pointless vigilantism.

The minute that the average white knight faces even the slightest consequence for his behavior, he pisses his pants and abandons the princesses he was so valiantly defending before.

You can see this pattern repeating itself not just in contemporary society, but throughout history: small forces defeating bigger ones through superior organization. Britain was able to dominate India, a nation of millions, with just 3,000 soldiers during the Victorian era because the local Indian princes were too busy slitting each others’ throats to unite against their common foe. White conservatives remain a potent force in American politics because they vote as a unified bloc, while the various interest groups in the Democratic Party are in an eternal pissing contest to determine who’s the most oppressed.

That’s why feminism is dying. While Tumblr social justice warriors are crying about “intersectionality” and trying to figure out whether cisgendered black lesbians have more privilege than transsexual straight white girls, the manosphere is growing, becoming more disciplined and more able to inflict harm on its enemies. We don’t need to outnumber them, we just need to hit them so hard on the first swing that they run for the hills.


3. Feminism has been doomed by demographics.

It’s a tiresome cliche, but it’s the truth: the future belongs to those who show up, and the left has permanently screwed themselves on this front. The most progressive/liberal groups in America, with the exception of Latinos, are failing to reproduce; the bulk of American babies are being born to white conservatives, specifically to hardline religious sects such as Mormons and Orthodox Jews. For the past thirty years, while Frankie Feminist has only had one or two Down’s-afflicted kids at the end of her thirties (after a good decade of riding the cock carousel), Callie Christian has cranked three, four, five or more healthy kids starting from her early twenties. This isn’t even considering the legions of liberal women who have declared themselves “childfree,” not knowing that their ideology will die with them.

In the war for the future, the feminists have screamed “Screw you guys, I’m going home!”

It’s awfully cute, the childlike faith leftists have in the inevitability of “progress.” Leftists have yet to face their impending extinction with any kind of seriousness, instead continuing to believe that things will keep going their way just because, or that all the kids being raised in these “evil,” “backwards” religions will break free and become good blue state gender-neutral carrots when they grow up. It’s not happening: studies have shown that the only religious denominations that are losing adherents in significant numbers are liberal ones. Much in the same way that overusing an antibiotic creates evolutionary pressure for resistant bacteria strains, conservative churchgoers have been increasingly selected for their unwillingness to stray from the faith.

Higher education has been the instrument through which the left has indoctrinated whole generations, and that house of cards is falling apart too. With the student loan scam going mainstream, fewer and fewer men are signing up for four years of pointlessness and the resultant loan debt. It’s why leftists have been trying to co-opt the debate, trying to claim that the real problem with college isn’t useless degrees, it’s the fact that it isn’t free. It’s why the New York Times is constantly running attack pieces on the North Dakota oil field, where able-bodied men can pull down five-figure salaries without so much as a high school diploma. The left is deathly afraid of a world in which people can earn a middle-class living without having to listen to four years’ worth of Marxist agitprop for a grade.

This is also why the left has become so adamant about giving amnesty to illegal aliens: without a fresh infusion of low-wage voters, the Democrats will be relegated to permanent minority status in twenty years. And even that will backfire on them. Feminism is still very much an ideology for white women; all those careerist gals being admonished to “Lean In” can only do so by outsourcing child care to illegal Mexican nannies who get paid less than minimum wage. In short, feminism can only succeed by empowering one group of women—whites—at the expense of all the others.

Do you really think that leftist Latinos will continue playing second fiddle to white feminists like Hillary Clinton as their electoral clout increases? It’s not happening, hombre.

We’re already seeing signs of this: white feminists are being kicked out of the left’s rainbow coalition all across the nation. The future of American politics is a black/brown left against a white right, with the white left getting sidelined.

So don’t get mad about feminists. Don’t engage them on an equal footing. Don’t bother trying to untangle the Gordian knot that is their ideology. And definitely don’t act like they’re any kind of threat. If a homeless guy accuses me of being a member of the Illuminati, I don’t stop and try and rationally argue with him, I walk by and laugh at what a deranged weirdo he is.

That’s what feminists are: the equivalent of schizophrenic bums. And the world is leaving them behind.

I’m not big on hard predictions, but I imagine many of us will be having conversations like this in a decade:

(MATT sits on his recliner, reading a book. DAUGHTER walks up to him, holding a copy of Trolling for a Living in one hand and a doll in the other.)

Daughter: Daddy, I was reading one of your books. What’s a feb-i-nist?

Matt: Wow, where did you find that? Been years since I’ve seen that book!

(MATT takes the book from DAUGHTER.)

Daughter: I found it in your upstairs bookcase!

Matt: Well, it’s actually fem-i-nist. Feminists were… um…. they were these really ugly and fat girls who were mean to everyone. Their daddies didn’t love them when they were kids, so they became really nasty grown-ups and everyone hated them.

(MATT stands up and mimics a large, lumbering wildebeest of a woman while grunting like a swine. DAUGHTER is visibly frightened.)

Daughter: Y… y… you love me right, Daddy? I don’t want to be a feb-i-nist when I grow up!

(DAUGHTER is about to start crying when MATT reaches down and hugs her.)

Matt: Of course I love you, sweetie. Now run along, your mother probably needs help with dinner.

Daughter: Okay, Daddy! I love you too!

(DAUGHTER bounces away towards the kitchen. MATT smiles and goes back to reading.)

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