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No Tears for Dead Sluts; or, Why I Have No Sympathy for Felicia Garcia

It’s your typical heartbreaking Romeo and Juliet story. Teenage girl gets gangbanged by four football players on video, then kills herself when the truth comes out… wait, what:

Two students have been temporarily removed from a high school in Staten Island, New York, for tormenting a 15-year-old girl before she committed suicide by jumping in front a train.

A source with knowledge of the matter said that the pair ‘abused and made fun of’ Felicia Garcia after rumors started spreading around Tottenville High School that the sophomore had sex with four members of the football team.

‘The dismissed students were not on the school’s team. These kids used poor judgment, and they did something they’re going to have to live with for the rest of their lives,’ the source told The Advance.

The Staten Island had been branded a ‘slut’ and humiliated by classmates after a video of her having sex with four football players was posted online for everyone to see.

According to sources at Tottenville High, entered into group sex with the four players last Friday after attending a wild party following her school’s win over a local rival.

The tragic freshman ended her life on Wednesday after the video was shared among classmates and the NYPD has now interviewed the four players who have insisted to police that the sex was consensual.

Uh-oh, it’s crusade time again! The kids who taunted Felicia Garcia got suspended; the players who fucked her will be made to feel guilty about it; a crisis team has been dispatched to her school.

And not a single person is asking why a fifteen-year old girl was having group sex on camera.

This isn’t a “youthful mistake.” A youthful mistake would be accidentally getting pregnant, or failing a chemistry test. The only kind of fifteen-year old girl who would take cocks in multiple orifices—on camera—is one who was severely screwed up to begin with. Even the most deranged, “non-judgemental” feminist isn’t going to argue that what Felicia Garcia did was a normal, healthy expression of her sexuality and that we’re all misogynist bigots for criticizing her. No, this slut was a crippled, pathetic individual incapable of making good life choices.

The idiots calling what happened to her “bullying” make me laugh. Bullying, by definition, is unprovoked coercion or intimidation. Felicia brought her torment down on herself when she decided to star in her own production of Teenage Gangbang Skanks 4. Despite the shrieking of leftists, men and women are intrinsically disgusted by this kind of deviant behavior, and teenagers, having yet to be indoctrinated into the cult of political correctness, express their disgust like no one else. Combine all this with her loathsome attention whoring afterwards (posting Instagram pictures of herself screaming “Please please look at meeeeee!”), and we get a pretty ugly picture.

Her suicide is just the concluding act in a sick, twisted drama of her own creation.

I’m just gonna say it: the world is better off with Felicia Garcia dead. I take no joy in her passing, but neither do I feel sorry for her. She dug her grave and now she gets to lie in it. The only people I feel sorry for are the football players who are going to have their lives ruined because they made the mistake of screwing a crazy, suicidal whore, and the classmates who will be blamed for calling a slut a slut. Who is the bigger sinner: those who get triple-penetrated on film, or those who point out those who get triple-penetrated on film?

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