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No Tears for Dead Sluts; or, Why I Have No Sympathy for Felicia Garcia


It’s your typical heartbreaking Romeo and Juliet story. Teenage girl gets gangbanged by four football players on video, then kills herself when the truth comes out… wait, what:

Two students have been temporarily removed from a high school in Staten Island, New York, for tormenting a 15-year-old girl before she committed suicide by jumping in front a train.

A source with knowledge of the matter said that the pair ‘abused and made fun of’ Felicia Garcia after rumors started spreading around Tottenville High School that the sophomore had sex with four members of the football team.

‘The dismissed students were not on the school’s team. These kids used poor judgment, and they did something they’re going to have to live with for the rest of their lives,’ the source told The Advance.

The Staten Island had been branded a ‘slut’ and humiliated by classmates after a video of her having sex with four football players was posted online for everyone to see.

According to sources at Tottenville High, entered into group sex with the four players last Friday after attending a wild party following her school’s win over a local rival.

The tragic freshman ended her life on Wednesday after the video was shared among classmates and the NYPD has now interviewed the four players who have insisted to police that the sex was consensual.

Uh-oh, it’s crusade time again! The kids who taunted Felicia Garcia got suspended; the players who fucked her will be made to feel guilty about it; a crisis team has been dispatched to her school.

And not a single person is asking why a fifteen-year old girl was having group sex on camera.

This isn’t a “youthful mistake.” A youthful mistake would be accidentally getting pregnant, or failing a chemistry test. The only kind of fifteen-year old girl who would take cocks in multiple orifices—on camera—is one who was severely screwed up to begin with. Even the most deranged, “non-judgemental” feminist isn’t going to argue that what Felicia Garcia did was a normal, healthy expression of her sexuality and that we’re all misogynist bigots for criticizing her. No, this slut was a crippled, pathetic individual incapable of making good life choices.

The idiots calling what happened to her “bullying” make me laugh. Bullying, by definition, is unprovoked coercion or intimidation. Felicia brought her torment down on herself when she decided to star in her own production of Teenage Gangbang Skanks 4. Despite the shrieking of leftists, men and women are intrinsically disgusted by this kind of deviant behavior, and teenagers, having yet to be indoctrinated into the cult of political correctness, express their disgust like no one else. Combine all this with her loathsome attention whoring afterwards (posting Instagram pictures of herself screaming “Please please look at meeeeee!”), and we get a pretty ugly picture.

Her suicide is just the concluding act in a sick, twisted drama of her own creation.

I’m just gonna say it: the world is better off with Felicia Garcia dead. I take no joy in her passing, but neither do I feel sorry for her. She dug her grave and now she gets to lie in it. The only people I feel sorry for are the football players who are going to have their lives ruined because they made the mistake of screwing a crazy, suicidal whore, and the classmates who will be blamed for calling a slut a slut. Who is the bigger sinner: those who get triple-penetrated on film, or those who point out those who get triple-penetrated on film?

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  • Joe B

    Hey Matt what if Felicia was a boy instead of a girl and had sex with four football female cheerleaders instead of four male football players would you feel the same way? Wouldn’t you like to screw four women at the same time? You would be considered a macho, lucky guy but when Felicia wants to sow her wild oats and get laid she is harrassed about it to the point where she snaps. Mainstream societies morals are a crock of sh-t and are full of hypocrisy I have no respect for all the brainwashed squares and lames who follow a phony and hypocritical morality. May-be you are mad and Jealous Matt that you can’t be a slut and screw four girls at the same time and it is easy for a girls to do it. The only thing I would have scolded Felicia about is if she didn’t use condoms and that she is a bit young but never would I have bashed her and belittled her. It is a shame that women who enjoy pleasing men sexually are labeled sluts and bad but women who are prudes and non-sexual are labeled “good girls” that is such a load of sh-t. Almost every guy would love to have sex with 4 women at the same time but if a woman has sex with 4 guys at the same time they want to destroy her.

  • skye

    How dare you judge someone like that?! You disgust me. How anyone could actually post such a disgusting, disrespectful thing on the internet where anyone can see it is beyond me. You think that she had issues? Well why don’t you look in the fucking mirror. You know what you’d see? Some dumbshit blogger who thinks that he can sit behind the keys of a message board and judge the rest of the world just because he has an opinion and an internet connection. What if her family were to read this? What if another depressed girl were to read this and think that maybe the world would be better off without her too? Whatever happened to people being respectful of one another, and not spouting off their mouth about every batshit notion they have because they think “the world has a right to know”. What do you expect to get out of writing this shit? Do you expect the world to suddenly become a better place because you were able to get this judgmental garbage off your chest? You are just a piece of shit who doesn’t understand the world or good taste. Fuck you.

  • Deven

    I would like to remind you of you “policy” which reads as follows:

    “If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, you probably shouldn’t say it online”

    If this is the sort of thing that you would say to someones face– especially the face of this girl’s family, (which, as this was posted on the public internet, are technically members of your current audience) then you have some issues that I can’t even begin to discuss.

  • Spiralina

    Agreed. This is totally fucked. The girl might indeed be a damaged, troubled person but she was still a child and she had a family that is surely devastated right now. Being young, dumb and slutty isn’t a good thing, but there are a lot worse shitheads out there that the world would be better off without, and they’re still walking around today while this kid is dead. A lack of basic human empathy is never a good look, even on this festering hive of sociopaths we call the internet.

  • Truth Man

    I feel sorry for all the people involved, wild sexual situations occurred when I was young but there were no camera phones. The boys involved may get child pornography charges and a girl is dead, all of them are children. Just a shame. I save my judgement for the adults in this story, what the fuck is going on with the girls parents? How is a 15 year old girl alone with boys with no adults, and fucked this way? I cannot fault the boys, or their parents as long as the sex was consensual, hell filming it may save them from a false rape claim in the world today. Posting it on the internet, not wise.

  • Ares Christou

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with all the above comments; and I completely agree with everything said in this post. The four guys/four girls comment by JoeB is irrelevant to the story and misses the entire point. As to skye’s “What if her family were to read this?” bs, all I have to say is I hope they do read it and it will serve them as an example of how not to raise your child. Neither the four men who took advantage of a girl who was easy nor the two “bullies” are to blame. The blame rests entirely on her parents and herself for not exercising any judgement (she acted without thinking) and when things got tough, instead of facing the problem head on, she took the easy way out because her feelings were hurt. She was selfish and the world is indeed better off without people like her.

  • ghtfwegbgvt

    Ares Christou, you are a pig.

  • Ares Christou

    and then some…

  • “the world is better off with Felicia Garcia dead.”

    just read this post, it does seem really harsh. yeah the girl was crazy and had some serious issues — maybe sexually abused? probably sexually abused in fact — but regardless, did she try to hurt anybody, that’s my question. all i know about this story is what i read in your post, but it doesn’t sound like she was malicious in any way. evil, cruel people are better off dead. FG didn’t seem that way to me.

  • Aybee

    Um, she was 15. Get that? Yes, 15. How can she be expected to understand the consequences of her choices. She’s not a porn queen, she’s a 15 year old misguided teenager. Four footy players fucked her – I don’t see you calling them sluts. Ever though about what it might be like to have 4 guys having a gang bang with you – even if its ‘consensual’. No, I didn’t think you did. When are jerks like you going to stop writing shit on the Internet? Oh, sorry, it’s a rhetorical question that the writer of this crappy blog wouldn’t understand.

  • ThongDropper

    Lol, I don’t think her existence was so.important that the world can really benefit from her death but, she shouldn’t have been even having sex let alone an gangbang. What if she had gotten pregnant? Mommy and daddy would have to try to raise another kid, it’s whatever though. I think the moral of the story is, if you don’t want to be taunted and what not; don’t risk it by being gangbanged at a party. She was fifteen? Old enough to know the possible consequences of her actions.

  • What a Whore

    Ugh, I’m glad this chick is gone. What a disgusting slut.

    [CensorBot sez: We understand, without condoning or condemning.]


    Well, She had sex with four guys on Camera ? What did she expect !! Them pressing the delete button ?
    I actually Blame primarily her parents, then the society that actually promoting sex on TV on Radio, on the internet and everywhere, Then her for not thinking wisely, We’re humans, we have brains!!
    But yeah, i do not feel sorry for everyone in the whole story, the boys for taping it and using the girl’s wild urges for sex, and the girl herself for not thinking twice and thrice before f***** FOUR GUYS ON CAMERA.. And her parents, for not teaching her that her private parts are red line for others!!

  • nunyabidnessfoo

    This article is a bit cruel. Yes her behavior was quite deviant (although this type of behavior is becoming less and less deviant every day), but to say the world is better off without her? That’s just mean, dude.

  • tyrone- johnson

    Damn man. I watched my mother bury a child and it ripped my heart out. I gotta tell you, no matter what I thought of this young lady’s behavior, I would never write anything this cold publicly where this child’s grieving parents could read it. I just cant respect that. Their feelings during this time would trump my subjective opinions. I hope no one brought this article to their attention, and if they did my heart goes out to them.

  • arph001

    Matt, this article says more about you than it does about Felicia. You seem to take pleasure in other people’s suffering. How sad.

  • smarshmellow

    I knew this girl through people on the island and even had a summer school class with her in wagner high before she killed herself. She was very rude and obscene and would disrupt the class and the teacher who came from john Dewey high in brooklyn , said he’d never seen students from his school act like this. Most of them did come from tottenville. And the ones who did were bad. But anyways she’d always have crude conversations in the class with her “crew.” about sexual encounters with multiple and older men. And dress literally with her tits out. She was a smut and a bully. She gave her self the title of whore. Her actions were 100% her choice. I don’t care what people think of her back story ect , THIS was the type of person she was. You have to be a moron to feel bad for that. Girls like that don’t change. She killed herself because she realized being a whore isn’t fun when everyone knows it and it isn’t considered “popular”. Pathetic.

  • smarshmellow

    There’s no excuse for being a promiscuous tramp no matter what age gender or title and wanting attention from it.

  • Destroyer Of Ignorance


    Tanks for this post. We need more articles like this. People just don’t want to take responsibility for the actions, and their consequences, these days.

    There was a woman in Tasmania who was sleeping with her husband’s – a doctor – co-worker. The cuckold killed the slut at the weekend 15 Feb 15. Adultery has consequences. The other slut has to live causing the death of his “lover”, for the rest of his cursed life. Changing the laws to make slutting legal doesn’t make any difference. God made the laws, we just need to STFU and obey.

    Best Regards
    Incisive One

  • Aldous Huxley

    I was expected too when I was 12. Maybe if the people close to her didn’t have such low expectations of her, she’d have a healthier sense of self and wouldn’t have committed suicide. But that requires you to actually care. You’re just using her death to get a indignant dopamine high.