Matt Forney
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Nobody Gives a Fuck About You

This is something that took me a long time to realize, but it’s the cold, hard truth.

Of course, I’m being hyperbolic with that title. If you’ve got parents, siblings, friends, a girlfriend/wife etc., they care about you. If you’re famous, you’ve got even more people who care about you. But if you’re just an ordinary schmuck, you’re a nonentity to everyone outside your immediate social circle.

Paranoia is narcissism. Believing that everyone is out to get you assumes that you’re important enough for anyone to care about. If you’re an introvert with a habit of reading books by dead white men (i.e. if you’re me), it’s easy to slip into this mindset. You imagine you’re in the spotlight at all times, your every screw-up broadcast to a jeering audience that will remember it until they curl up and die. It’s the reason why conspiracy theories tend to be popular amongst nerds and other social outcasts.

The reality is that nobody cares.

Queen Bee will have forgotten all about how she called you a weirdo by lunchtime. That guy you nearly rear-ended on the highway will maybe mention it to his wife when he gets home, but that’s it. Unless you seriously, actively go out of your way to ruin someone’s day, they’ll give you as much thought as a bug splattered on their windshield.

Part of becoming an adult is realizing that most people aren’t that smart or organized. They don’t give any thought to anything beyond their immediate reality. All they care about is getting through their workday, TiVoing the latest episode of House, or whatever monotonous activity they use to fill the void of their lives.

Why is this all important?

Because it means you have a near-infinite license to remake yourself. Unless you’re a serial killer, you’ve spent most of your life flying under the radar. People don’t think ill of you, they don’t think well of you; they don’t think of you at all.

You are not your adolescent awkwardness.

Forget the past, forget your mistakes, forget your missed opportunities and start creating the life you want to today. There’s nothing in your way but your own self-doubt.

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