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Official Apology for My “How to Rape Women and Get Away with It” Article


A month ago, I published an article entitled “How to Rape Women and Get Away with It,” which I intended to be a satirical piece attacking feminists for exaggerating the prevalence of rape. I tried to make it clear that it was a satire with various tells: my “listening to Joni Mitchell” bit, my claim that watching Blue Velvet and Irreversible made me a “rape expert,” and the general fact that it was a how-to guide on how to rape women.

I crossed the line. No wait, I didn’t just cross it, I danced across it backwards while raising my middle fingers to the sky.

I believe the best way to get attention and change the world is to go out of peoples’ comfort zone. Shock. Offend. No one got anywhere by being polite and milquetoast. But there is such a thing as going too far. When I published the article, I was intending to offend people who politicize rape for self-serving motives. Unfortunately, in the process I hurt many people who actually were raped, or whom have a loved one who was raped.

For that, I apologize.

I’m not going to pretend that I never wrote the article, nor am I going to pretend that this apology isn’t in part motivated by self-interest. I write under my real name, I am open about my identity, and my friends and family are aware of what I’m doing and what I blog about. I published that article fully aware of the repercussions it might have for me.

But while I enjoy angering people who fully deserve it, I don’t believe in picking on those who have already been victimized. It took a month—and a lot of anger—for me to realize that I was in the wrong on this.

This is why I’m apologizing. I hurt a lot of people who didn’t deserve it, who have already gone through enough trauma. They don’t need me having a cheap laugh at their expense, turning their suffering into a tasteless punch line. I can’t entirely erase what I did, but I can at least make amends.

And to my brothers in the manosphere, heed this advice. We may raise awareness about false rape accusers, or mock feminists who are obsessed with it, but it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that real rape is a horrifying and disgusting act. We can crusade against liars who manipulate and exaggerate rape without belittling actual victims.


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  • Shinobi Theninja

    I never read the article. I feel that I would have appreciated it. I’ll be the first to say however that it takes a big man to recognize his errors and to apologize for them. From what I read currently I don’t particularly think that you erred. However if YOU felt that you sinned against yourself, then my hats off to you sir. Keep up the amazing work and from a person with a similar outlook “Offend as necessary. Real people with real suffering don’t need more grief,”I can honestly commend your sincerity. As a ninja you are removed from the kill list for an additional 300 days.

  • Carrie

    Wow. How telling that the seemingly pro-rape article you are now denouncing had loads of approving comments and upvotes, while the apology for being jovial about rape gets no comments or upvotes whatsoever.

    Sadly, satire can be masterfully used to make egregious things not just palatable, but downright tasty. The fans of the seemingly pro-rape article openly adored the message, and when called out by evil “SJWs” for approving of rape, the main response was either “it was satire, you humorless bitch” OR “in satire there is always truth”. This renders the “apology” impotent, while the seemingly pro-rape article still gets occasional reads to this day.