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The Official Vegas Pool Party Workout by the Captain Power

The Captain Power has returned with yet another book, a more focused and practical guide than his two previous outingsThe Official Vegas Pool Party Workout is a brief guide on how you can get in shape in time for the all-important pool party season in Vegas. As the Captain has shown both in his guest posts here and on his blog, he’s got the goods when it comes to fitness, and his program is designed to be as simple and easy-to-follow as possible:

Unlike going out to a club at night, where you can get away with being slightly overweight, at a pool party, you are in your bathing suit all day with nowhere to hide. When it comes to looking good at the pools, the most important thing is being “cut.” Bodybuilders refer to being “cut” when a person is carrying a very low body fat and when the muscles are clearly defined. When I booked this trip, I had almost 3 months to get myself back into good shape, and I wanted to show up to Las Vegas ripped. I had gotten myself into really good “pool-party” shape several years ago, and this trip made me extremely motivated to take it to that level again.

Compared to his previous books, The Official Vegas Pool Party Workout is quite lean, featuring only the info you need to get in shape relatively quickly. The Captain’s methods include a full weight-lifting routine, cardio advice, and tips on keeping your physique solid throughout the year. There are no false promises in this book: the Captain supplements the text with pictures of his body at various stages of fitness, showing you exactly the results you can expect from his advice:

For the younger guys just starting out, I believe that powerlifting is a great way to get started with bodybuilding. By starting off with powerlifting routines, your body should automatically put on some solid muscle mass, and you are going to need the strength later on if you make the switch to bodybuilding. For example, my heaviest bench press when I was power lifting was around 350 pounds, and when I started bodybuilding, that raw strength helped me to develop my chest muscles. Since I was accustomed to training with heavier weights, I was also a lot stronger than most of the guys my size when I cut down in body weight. If I didn’t have the power lifting background, I would never have been able to retain the solid upper body mass.

If I were to criticize the book for anything, it would be for its brief length relative to its price, as well as the Captain’s overly workmanlike prose. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a short, no-bullshit fitness guide, The Official Vegas Pool Party Workout is worth the buy.

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