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One Day in the Life of Matt Forney

A lot of people wonder what my daily life is like. Since I live independently off my online work, I don’t have to wake up early, drive to an office and spend eight hours staring at a screen while contemplating slitting my wrists. Therefore, every day I’m alive is a party! Roll out of bed at noon, spend all day playing video games and jerking off, write that blog post whenever… right?

Not quite.

I have to work, same as everybody else. Here’s a typical weekday in the life of Matt Forney.

8:30 am: The alarm on my phone goes off. I use My Bloody Valentine’s “She Found Now” as an alarm tone because it sounds extraordinarily annoying played through smartphone speakers. My phone is strategically positioned on the far side of my room, forcing me to physically get out of bed in order to shut it off… at which point I’m too wide awake to want to go back to bed. Time to start the day!

8:35 am: Morning beautification. I put in my contacts, brush and rinse my teeth, take an ice cold shower and apply testosterone cream. Depending on what day it is, I also shave and cleanse my face with healing mud.

9:05 am: I get dressed and check notifications on my phone, getting irritated when I realized all the email notifications are spam.

9:10 am: Breakfast. I prepare a feast consisting of a ham sandwich on white bread with spicy mustard (I hate breakfast food) and a Full Throttle energy drink. I also take my arsenal of supplements (two fish oil softgels, bee pollen, zinc, magnesium and l-theanine).

9:20 am: While waiting for the caffeine and l-theanine to kick in, I boot up my computer and check my favorite blogs via Feedly. I also reply to emails (if necessary) and do some chess problems.

10:00 am: Work time! I fire up Microsoft Word or the WordPress dashboard and start writing. As a general rule, I start with more urgent writing first (blog posts/freelance assignments) so I meet my deadlines and give myself that adrenaline kick that comes from finishing something. Once I’m done with the shorter assignments, I start working on my current book project (to be announced shortly).

12:30 pm: Break time. I pop another bee pollen capsule and either read a book (currently Roosh’s Poosy Paradise) or do more chess problems.

1:30 pm: Back to the grind. I finish up any urgent writing assignments, then move to other work I need to get done for the day (podcasting, programming, editing etc.)

3:30 pm: Exercise. I walk over to the gym to lift before all the poor saps who work 9-to-5 can show up and fill the place with their stink of failure.

4:45 pm: I finish up any light, easy work I have left to do and spend the rest of the time reading, playing guitar or chess or doing chores (laundry, vacuuming, scrubbing the toilet etc.). I pop another bee pollen capsule and two fish oil softgels.

7:00 pm: Dinner and a movie. Since I’m leaving the country soon, I don’t bother cooking at home anymore. There’s a Mexican joint, a burger bar, a Philly cheesesteak place, and a sandwich shop within walking distance of my place. I grab food to go, head back home and put on a movie or TV show (at the moment either Twin Peaks or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) while I eat.

8:45 pm: More work. At this point, my productivity is shot, so I usually don’t do anything more taxing than answering emails or tinkering with blog posts. I spend the rest of the time reading (yes, I read a lot).

10:00 pm: Start preparing for bed. I pop two 5-HTC pills to shut my brain down and pass the time either reading (some more), surfing the Web or watching another movie/episode. I also log onto my online dating profiles so I can watch Filipinas send me little love notes about how “handsome” I am (they seem more comfortable messaging men who are online).

11:30 pm: Time for sleep. I shut off the computer, brush and floss, take another shower (during the summer), and pop some melatonin.

12:15 amLie down in bed and pass the time reading (surprised?) before I pass out.

As you can see, my life is one of work, sleep and relaxation, same as you. The main difference is that unlike you, I get to work on my own schedule and according to my own needs. Instead of being shunted into the same one-size-fits-all eight-hour workday that everyone else is stuck with, I can split my work into several different blocks, stopping and relaxing whenever the quality of my writing starts to slide. I also have the freedom to vary my day, such as taking off around noon to go talk to girls at the university or having a little siesta before I go back to squatting in front of my laptop.

That’s the true reason you want to be free.

It’s not because you want to be free from work. Unless you’re an autistic hand-flapper in a group home, you’ll never be free from work. The value of freedom is the ability to work on your terms. When you work for someone else, all you’re doing is helping some other asshole pay his mortgage, working on his schedule, putting up with his shit. Every single bit of work I do in a day benefits me first and foremost, and I can choose to increase or decrease how much I work as I see fit. It’s an existence I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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