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The Orlando Nightclub Shooting and the Moral Sickness of Whites

Today marks one year since the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. An ISIS terrorist barged into a gay club during Latin Night and opened fire, killing 49 homosexuals, cruelly keeping them from killing themselves with HIV and meth. The response from Western civilization’s erstwhile defenders was swift: this was a tragedy! A horror! We must fight the Muslims and keep them from attacking the most disease-ridden and predatory part of our population! Deus vult!

Nobody knew it then, but that was the day the American alt-right, the New Right, and the alt-media in general began its slow death.

I have no love for Muslims and I want to see them get their asses kicked back to the Middle East. But embracing homosexuals in the fight against Islam is like curing a headache with 9 mm to the brainpan. Homosexuality and sexual deviancy are the central reasons why Islam has become an existential threat to the white race. The barbarians at the gates only prey on those who are too weak to fight back, and right now, Western civilization is lying bedridden in the oncology ward as the relatives weep and pray.

The white race and Christendom have been at war with Islam ever since Muhammad outed himself as a pedophile. The only times we haven’t been at war with Islam is when they were too weak to challenge us, and as it turns out, they were only biding their time, waiting to catch us lacking. And yet, despite whites being far weaker militarily and economically for much of this time, we not only survived, we thrived:

  • During the Middle Ages, Muslim slavers regularly invaded coastal European villages and took whites as slaves. Up until the 17th century, Muslim slaving ships went as far north as England. Yet, whites survived.
  • From the end of the Middle Ages until the end of the Renaissance, the Ottoman Empire conquered much of eastern Europe, and even laid siege to Vienna in 1683. The Austrians, Hungarians, Poles and other peoples drove the Ottomans back and progressively kicked them off the continent.
  • One of the first wars the newly independent U.S. fought was the Barbary Wars, against Muslim pirates based in North Africa who were attacking American merchant vessels. Despite its weakness at the time, America defeated the Muslims.

In the year 2017, white nations possess weapons that can incinerate entire cities in the blink of an eye. We have drones that allow soldiers to conduct assassinations from the comfort of an air-conditioned break room on the other side of the world. Far from the famines and diseases that ravaged Europe during medieval times, we’re so well-fed that we’re becoming obese.

And yet, it is now, and only now, that we are crumbling in the face of Islam.

Even as Muslims attack our nations’ capitals on a weekly basis, we refuse to name them as the enemy. We not only refuse to expel them from our lands, we invite more of them in, and even elect them to run our cities. We’re so deep in denial that even at death’s door, some of us are more concerned with genuflecting to political correctness then actual survival.

The answers as to why this is can be found in the Orlando shooting and the alt-right’s response to it.

The homosexuals who died at Omar Mateen’s hands were dead men walking. They were soulless hedonists with no stake in America’s survival and no concerns beyond immediate self-gratification. They were at the club because they wanted to get drunk, do drugs, and have as much meaningless sex as possible, then stick the taxpayer with the bill once med-resistant AIDS and antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea took their toll. In fact, as Common Filth revealed, one of the sodomites who died in the shooting was connected to Kenboy, one of the “stars” of The Gift, a documentary about gay men who deliberately try to get HIV.

Not only do sodomites have no loyalty to their societies, they have no loyalty to each other. One of the survivors of the Pulse shooting escaped the nightclub through a back door, then barred it, preventing anyone else from escaping with him. How many people died as a direct result of his actions?

If there’s a finer example of the nature of sodomites, I have yet to find one.

There’s no comparison between homosexuals and heterosexuals. When a man and a woman are attracted to one another, they are seeing the continuation of their tribe and the formation of the next generation. They are using their sexuality in the way it is meant to be used. When a man is attracted to another man (or a woman is attracted to another woman), they aren’t seeing another human being, they’re seeing a convenient way to get off.

Babies are produced by heterosexual relationships; all homo relationships ever produce is cum.

The reciprocity and selflessness that defines heterosexual relationships (and is necessary for them to function) does not exist among homosexuals and can never exist. How can two people who view each other as sex meat ever have a normal relationship? This accounts for all the perversions, dysfunctions, and maladies that sodomites suffer, from bizarre paraphilias such as anonymous sex and coprophilia to horrendously high rates of domestic violence among lesbians.

A heterosexual man who sleeps around (or, for that matter, a heterosexual woman who sleeps around) is and will always be morally superior to any homosexual.

No functioning, healthy society would allow Pulse—or the kinds of men who frequented it—to exist. No healthy society would mourn their passing. Indeed, depending on your perspective, Mateen was just taking out the trash, eliminating societal parasites via natural selection. Due to their horrendously self-destructive lifestyles, most of the men in that nightclub would have died young anyway: gays have much shorter life expectancies than the general population.

The Orlando shooting should have been a wake-up call to the non-cucked right. Whites have become addicted to pleasure and indulgement above all else: our highest ambition in life is to be “veal wrapped in cotton,” as Common Filth put it. That’s the real reason why we won’t fight back against Islam or Mexican illegals: because we’re too addicted to sex and pleasure. Because we don’t want reality to intrude upon our bareback hugbox orgy. Undoing this is the only way to save our nations, and it starts with recognizing that homosexuality, transsexuality, and the 31 flavors of gender need to be done away with.

The non-cucked right couldn’t manage even this.

Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes responded to the shooting by making out in publicThe Right Stuff and other alt-right outlets (there’s no difference between the alt-right and the “alt-lite” when it comes to sodomy) declared that Orlando was another reason to “remove kebab” (even though it was Latinos, not huwytes, who were killed). Donald Trump declared at the Republican National Convention that he was the “voice” of the LGBT community. Not one person asked why our culture had degenerated to the point where gay nightclub bareback orgies had become acceptable.

The alt-media, which castigated mainstream conservatives as “cuckservatives,” collectively cucked out by taking a left-wing position on gay rights.

They didn’t even get thirty pieces of silver for their betrayal. Despite all the outreach to homos that the alt-right did, despite the fact that Trump was the first GOP presidential candidate to wave a rainbow flag, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton was being funded in part by Saudi Arabia (where homosexuality is punished with the death penalty), four out of every five LGBT voters supported the Democrats. Appealing to the survival instincts of gays is always a losing bet, because if sodomites had a sense of self-preservation, they wouldn’t be sodomites.

And now we have the likes of Theresa May declaring that Muslims should “integrate” into our culture. You mean the culture that puts five-year old children on hormone blockers so they can become a wretched facsimile of the opposite sex? The culture where lesbian teachers can prey on underage students and get a slap on the wrist, but a college kid can be arrested for rape if he doesn’t beg his girlfriend for permission to kiss her? It certainly isn’t the culture of blood, soil, and family values that they want Muslims to conform to, not when the “right” to infect others with AIDS is cherished over the right of parents to safeguard their sons from homosexual pedophiles.

Why should Muslims want to become part of this disgusting culture? Why shouldn’t they want to destroy it?

And remember: those Muslims are there because the same people who think being gay is okay brought them here, after bombing their countries to kingdom come. You destroy everything a man has, drag him into your house and force him to watch abominable acts, and you act surprised when he despises you and everything you stand for?

If nationalism is to win, it must confront the corruption at the center of the white soul. The white proclivity for numbness and hedonism—as represented by the sodomite, the tranny, the aromantic demisexual otherkin—must be confronted and cast out. The traitors and infiltrators in the right-wing ranks must be outed and removed.

I’m not that hopeful, not when I see more discussion of moral issues and sexual perversion on a “PUA” site like Return of Kings then I see on any soi-disant alt-right site, or when I see open sodomites like Grindr Greg Johnson trying to drive wedges between men and women. But I could be wrong.

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  • Whoa….. strong stuff….. and I agree with everything you said….. God help us……

  • Flick Yoli

    Actually, Islam and Homosexuality converge in pedophilia. Both are fixated on raping children.

  • Rhyme Or Reason

    “cruelly keeping them from killing themselves with HIV and meth.”

    Haha…aint it the truth?

    I hate having to deal with fags in a professional setting. Because that’s the ONLY time i HAVE to deal with them. I will avoid them at all costs in other contexts.

    Because there’s something inherently narcissistic about being a faggot. Anyone who’s actually been around them knows this. All the shitlib types who bemoan “homophobia” themselves don’t hang out with fags. They’re fucking hypocrites.

    I challenge anyone who accuses others of fagophobia to watch gay porn. What’s that? You wince at the thought of watching two guys speelunking each other? Hmm..

    Let’s call it what it is…MENTAL DISORDER.

    FUCK…we just want to be LEFT ALONE but that will never happen

  • “Not one person asked why our culture had degenerated to the point where gay nightclub bareback orgies had become acceptable.”

    Well, I have, did, and do. But then I am not “alt-right” for this and other reasons.

  • uncle ruckus

    Amazingly, this is almost spot on what I was going to comment.

    The strong link between homosexuality and narcissism, and the effects of this for those of us who – because of our jobs – have to deal with these people on a daily basis is something that needs to be addressed.

    Homosexuals are basically assholes who will make your life miserable to make themselves feel better about their own empty existences.

    We are all very aware that the leftist media love to paint faggots as victims of bullying and harassment, but anyone who has actually spent time around a homosexual knows that this is complete bullshit. 99.9 percent of the time, it is the faggot who is doing the harassing –
    running his mouth saying the nastiest shit to get his target as angry as possible. (Off the top of my head, I can think of at least four idiots from my old high school who fit this description – all of whom I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts are now out and proud flaming faggots.)

    Associating with faggots, even tangentially, is bad for your mental health. They are toxic people, both physically and psychologically. This is how the mass promotion of this disorder “affects us, bro”.

  • uncle ruckus

    On Milo – this is as good a time as any to mention why I don’t like him:

    He is not an ally or a friend of the alt right, he is a well placed pathogen who already tried to make his followers look stupid with his pro-pederasty farce. “Reagan Battalion”? The incriminating video that was… readily available on youtube and had been for over half a year? (I remember having the misfortune of first hearing the Father Mike story around August 2016) And it was dug up by none other than a conservative sixteen year old girl? The whole thing was orchestrated.

    And yet he still has followers. He’ll have a great time brewing up another hit job to humiliate them all over again.

    A real expose on Milo would be anyone who has dealt with him personally just speaking honestly about what he’s like to be around for five minutes.

    But of course, in an ideal world, a guy loudly proclaiming that he enjoys being sodomized by brown men should be more than adequate in determining how seriously he should be taken.

  • Rhyme Or Reason

    Let’s not forget that they will also take advantage of your basic courteousness. Just treating them like a normal person will usually result in being harassed by them in some way.

  • Elie Challita

    This article would be hilarious if it wasn’t so ironically sad: Western conservatism shares more views with Islamic fundamentalism than anyone else. One would think that you would welcome the imposition of a fundamentalist theocracy.

    Of course, the only problem for you is that it’s the wrong kind of theocracy.

  • Elie Challita

    Nah, you’re thinking of priests and altar boys.

  • Flick Yoli


  • Elie Challita

    Nah, I’m an Arab atheist, although I am engaged to a Jewish woman.

  • Jim Jones Koolaid

    We aren’t crumbling in the face of Islam, Islam is being used as a diversionary tactic. Elites always use divide and conquer especially with religion/race. Think of the simple logistics, I can cause one Muslim to attack one night club and make large groups fight over that, that leave me relatively free to do as I want as far as other plans with them distracted. Terrorist attacks in general are the deep states methodology of control, because it isn’t something really dangerous(more people die in 5 gallon buckets per year), and it also really isnt something you can stop easily(it just takes one person slipping by our porous border). If someone is willing to die to do an attack he will generally succeed.

  • Dave in Oz

    We don’t live in Theocracy, except for the religion of liberalism. Our problems are due to getting away from our Christian ethic. Christianity is the basis of our freedom and rights. If America and Christianity were only half as bad as you pretend, you would be in a reeducation camp, instead of spouting hate

  • Elie Challita

    We already have reeducation camps: They’re called bible camps and Christian conversion therapy center that try to coerce people into being straight.

    Thankfully I’m too old, and my family is too sane, to have been sent to one of those.