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Paul Elam Argues Like a Girl

What a delight it was for me to discover last Sunday that my article “The Problem with the Men’s Rights Movement” was the focus of a Two Minutes Hate over at A Voice for Men. Even better, it was led by none other than the Grand Poobah Paul Elam himself!

It was like being five years old again, getting up early on Christmas morning, going downstairs… and finding a dog turd in my stocking.

After reading Elam emote, project and flail for several paragraphs, I thought, “Geez, do I really have to write a response to this?” Then I realized that I might not have Internet access again until Wednesday at the earliest, so if I was going to respond to Elam’s girly retort, I’d have to do it before I left.

I was going to be somewhat respectful with this post, seeing as Elam is one of the few MRAs I have some regard for because he and his compadres actually engage in activism instead of just whining on the Internet. Then I saw that he somehow managed to spell my name wrong on the front page of AVfM (screencap here):

Every once in a while, maybe more, someone steps up to tell us how great we would be if only we did nothing, just like them. Matt Fourney has just stepped up, and in it – right up to his eyeballs.

Y’know Paul, I get it. I have a weird-looking last name. I’m used to spelling it out for people. But when you read an Internet page that has my name splashed all over it, you don’t have an excuse. Repeat after me: F-O-R-N-E-Y. No “u.” Capisce?

That typo sets the tone for the rest of the article, as Elam proceeds to blow a vein in his forehead, losing his ability to read in the process:

…And then he set about calling us a bunch of whiners. He apparently wrote about it in In Mala Fide back in May, and just recently reposted the piece to his blog, because, he says, the blog “will soon be defunct.”

I was too busy with everything else he said to try to make sense of that one. Maybe someone can ‘splain that one to me later…

Here Paul, let me help you out with “that one.” “Defunct,” according to, means “no longer in effect or use; not operating or functioning.” When I wrote that In Mala Fide was soon to be defunct, I was referring to the fact that Ferdinand Bardamu was retiring from blogging and would soon take the site down, which he has since done; I haven’t been able to access IMF since Friday. Saying that “the site [In Mala Fide] will soon be defunct” is the same as saying “the site will soon cease to exist.”

Sorry if this all went over your head Paul, but I like to assume my readers are intelligent enough to comprehend high school level vocabulary.

Anyway, Elam proceeds to stuff and burn strawmen at a ludicrous rate, claiming that by criticizing AVfM for having a “bigot” category on, I’m arguing that AVfM shouldn’t be engaging in activism period. He then goes straight into misrepresenting me and my views:

In other words, RHC has performed admirably, and Forney just doesn’t get it, or doesn’t care. He wants us all to be manly men like him and go crush people in his inactive, sedentary and thoroughly non crushing way.

Elam, the only reason I won’t outright call you a liar is because lying would require actual effort on your part. If you’d bothered to spend more than two minutes on my blog, you’d have discovered that I’m making a cross-continental trip from Montreal to Portland on foot. That I’m on a mission to remake myself and become a new man. And that I’ve been writing about this for well over a month both here and at In Mala Fide. In fact, by the time you read this in your air conditioned Texas 2BR, I’ll have just gotten back from soaking up rainwater and swatting mosquitoes on the shores of Oneida Lake.

To paraphrase Muhammad Ali, if you can back it up, it ain’t bravado.

No, what I’m doing isn’t exactly Fucking Their Shit Up. But it’s more than the average “MRA,” bitching about misandry on your site’s comment section, does in an entire year.

So yeah, there are a whole bunch of things you can call me. “Sedentary” ain’t one of them.

No Elam, you’re not a liar. You’re just lazy and sloppy. Part of being a journalist (and yes, journalism is part of being an activist) is getting the facts right. Reporters who repeatedly get the facts wrong eventually find themselves out of a job.

Apparently, a cavalier disregard for the facts is a qualification for writing at A Voice for Men.

Naturally, the MRA crybaby parade is out in full force in the comments, with multiple people accusing me of “white knighting” for Katherine Heigl (which is funny, because I didn’t defend her at all in that article; all I did was criticize AVfM for obsessing over her), getting re-offended by her video all over again, and just plain crying into their cups:

Unbelievable, Matt Forney might just as well have written a piece for radfem hub, what a self righteous fuckwit a hypocritical bigot himself of the worst kind.

All we need now are some guys going “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS, THIS IS SATIRE RIGHT, I’M GONNA THROW UP” and making death threats against me and the MRM’s transformation into feminism for men will be complete.

Since Elam capped off his screed by calling me an “obtuse, shaming blue pill fuckhead,” I’m going to drop some serious truth here. Not for his sake, since Elam’s already proven he can’t read and doesn’t give a shit about the truth, but for the silent majority cracking open the popcorn bags in anticipation of another blog feud.

If your response to ideological pogroms from the left/feminists is to start your own rival pogrom, you are still in the Matrix.

Getting offended, whether it’s about a law student feminist activist being called a slut or about an airheaded movie star pretending to get a kick out of castration, is the definition of blue pill behavior. I’m not saying you should be happy about “Katherine Heigl Hates Balls,” but if your reaction to something you don’t like is “OH MY GOD THIS IS HORRIFYING BOYCOTT BAN PROTEST!”, you’re either a flaming faker or you’re mentally ill.

Either way, you’re not my friend, and I don’t want you on my side.

Paul Elam is not a man, he’s a bitch. And no self-respecting man will support a bitch, or join a movement that celebrates bitchiness.

And since I can’t end this post without mentioning that David Futrelle has (reluctantly) defended me on this issue, mainly because Elam’s neckbeard fans are going to brandish Futrelle’s article as proof that I’m an evil crypto-feminist racist mangina, let me just say that Futrelle is an even more pathetic bitch than Elam, and I don’t want his support.

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