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I Have Been Permanently Banned from Facebook

A few hours ago, I got a notification on my phone that my sessions with Facebook and Messenger had expired and I needed to log back in. I groaned because I knew that whenever Facebook does that, it means I’ve been handed a 30-day suspension for violating their obtuse and confusing Community Guidelines. Given that I don’t use my Facebook account anymore—I stopped posting on it last year, deleted several years’ worth of posts, comments, and pictures from it, and unfriended anyone that I didn’t personally know—I wondered what I could have possibly done wrong this time.

The answer is apparently “existing,” because as soon as I logged in, I discovered that I had been permanently banned from Facebook altogether for somehow violating their “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities”:



I appealed my ban and got this reply barely ten minutes later:


You gotta love the Kafka-esque logic. I was banned for a violation of the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities even though my account was inactive and the only things I had publicly published on it were pictures of myself. I appeal and get told that they can’t tell me what I specifically did wrong, only that their decision to ban me is final.

This ban isn’t much an issue for me since, as I said earlier, I had stopped posting or promoting my work on Facebook a long time ago and I only used my account to look at expat/language exchange groups and communicate with a few people (all of whom have other means by which they can contact me). Indeed, I’ve been on the receiving end of Facebook’s censorship for quite a long time: my blog’s Facebook page was banned all the way back in 2014—long before the current censorship wave started—due to repeated false flagging by feminists. Facebook has been dying as a platform for the longest time and I had actually briefly deleted my account outright last summer.

However, this ban is more evidence that the noose of censorship is tightening around us all. I was likely put on some list of “white nationalists” or “extremists” due to my work reporting on the 2016 presidential election, and this was probably part of a greater purge of right-wingers from Facebook in preparation for the 2020 election. Big Tech is angry and upset that independent journalists, writers, video hosts, and other content creators were able to help Donald Trump in 2016, and they intend to ensure that that can never happen again.

I will keep you updated if anything changes with regards to my online empire.

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