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Is Peruvian Naturals’ Maca Root Worth the Money?

peruvian-naturals-maca-rootIf you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I recommend maca root as an inexpensive supplement for enhancing your sexual health. Taking 1,575 mg of it a day not only made my testicles larger, it also increased the frequency and strength of my erections.

But does the brand you use make a difference?

A while back, Colin Post sent me some free samples of maca root from his company, Peruvian Naturals. After having taken Peruvian Naturals’ product for several months straight, I can confidently say that it is the superior product. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your testicular health and sex drive, Peruvian Naturals’ maca root is the way to go.

Maca Root, Enhanced

The main difference between the Nature’s Way brand I previously used and Peruvian Naturals’ brand is the size and potency. Peruvian Naturals’ maca root comes in chalky tablets similar to their chanca piedra, and each tablet is 800 mg, as opposed to Nature’s Way’s 525 mg. As a result, you only need to take two tablets per day as opposed to three.

When I first began using Peruvian Naturals, I noticed that my balls were a bit bigger than when I was using Nature’s Way. It wasn’t a big difference—I don’t have to cart them around in a wheelbarrow or anything—but it was large enough to stand out.

Additionally, Peruvian Naturals’ product gives me more of an energy boost when I pair it with bee pollen and other supplements that boost my alertness. While maca root doesn’t give me energy on its own, it helps enhance the effects of other energy-boosting supplements.

Overall, Peruvian Naturals’ maca root is well worth the extra money that it costs. Its increased effectiveness compared to other brands means you will get more out of each tablet.

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