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How Phenibut Changed My Life


The title of this post isn’t hyperbole: phenibut really is a life-changing substance.

I write a lot about supplements, because I’m constantly seeking ways to enhance my mental performance and improve my health. I’m far from an expert on any of this stuff: I typically grab ideas from Pill Scout, Victor Pride, Good Looking Loser and other guys who’ve explored the topic more thoroughly than me. I just buy stuff, use it, report on how it helps me (and how it doesn’t), and recommend it.

But above everything else, phenibut has absolutely altered how I live my life.

Phenibut is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA and is short for β-phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid. It affects GABA receptors in the brain in a fashion similar to Xanax (alprazolam), reducing anxiety and inducing feelings of tranquility. Unlike Xanax, phenibut is not only way more effective, it’s safer and doesn’t require a prescription (at least in the U.S.).

If you want to kill anxiety, improve your overall mood, enhance your cognition or supercharge your sex life (I’m not kidding), you absolutely have to get phenibut. It’s more powerful than prescription drugs, is perfectly legal, and (provided you follow the directions) 100 percent safe. If I had to cut back on my supplement usage, phenibut is one of the last supplements I would give up on.

Fighting the Anxiety Genes

I’d never really had a problem with anxiety… until a few months ago.

Without getting into details, I had an incident in my personal life that nearly sent me over the edge. And by “over the edge,” I mean exactly what it implies. I’m already genetically inclined to high levels of anxiety (if my family history is any indication), and this incident combined with my already existing stress to wreck my life.

How bad was it? For starters, I couldn’t sleep properly because I was stressed out and couldn’t think of a way out of my predicament. Getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle, and I fell behind on work and other obligations. I became socially withdrawn and my relationships with friends and family went into the toilet.

I had no idea what to do… until my friend Zampano recommended phenibut.

While I still have some underlying issues to resolve, phenibut helped me get my head together and function on a day-to-day basis. I don’t recommend using it (or any drug) as the sole solution to your problems, but its anxiety-killing effects are simply too strong to ignore.

What Does Phenibut Feel Like?

Unlike other nootropics such as huperzine or vinpocetine that hit you almost immediately, phenibut takes a few hours to fully work. Additionally, phenibut is best taken on an empty stomach to increase the absorption rate. Regardless, here’s what you can expect when you first start on the stuff:

  • After one hour: Your skin will be enveloped in a pleasant prickling sensation, like you’re getting acupuncture from a bunch of invisible angels.
  • After two hours: Your auditory perception is enhanced. Music sounds more complex and richer somehow (akin to taking ecstasy), and you can hear and distinguish between different types of background noises more easily.
  • After three hours: You feel “floaty,” like you’ve lost fifty pounds.
  • After four hours: At this point, the phenibut has fully kicked in. You should feel enormously calm, maybe even feel at one with the trees and all of creation (no, I’m not joking).

In large doses, phenibut can also function as a sleep aid, though using it to kill insomnia seems like a waste to me, like trying to kill an ant with a machine gun.

It’s possible (and highly recommended) to combine phenibut with other substances for an extra kick of euphoria and productivity. Good Looking Loser recommends taking phenibut with caffeine in order to enhance its cognitive benefits. I personally use phenibut, caffeine, huperzine and vinpocetine to push my brain well beyond the boundaries of normal function.

Be careful when combining phenibut and alcohol, however. When you’re on phenibut, your alcohol tolerance is considerably lowered: one drink will hit you like two, two like four, and so on. In particular, if you’re on phenibut and you have so much as one drink, you cannot drive. Yes, I’m as annoyed by those “buzzed driving is drunk driving” PSAs as you are, but they’re absolutely true in this case.

This is Your Sex Life on Phenibut

One of the strangest—and most welcome—side effects of phenibut is that it enhances orgasm in both men and women.

It’s difficult to describe how phenibut makes sex more enjoyable, but I’ll try and sketch it out. When you orgasm on phenibut, you’re enveloped in a full-body euphoria that only gets stronger as you get closer to cumming. The effect varies depending on your overall health, the attractiveness of the girl you’re banging and other factors, but when you pair phenibut with libido-enhancing supplements such as l-citrulline and maca root, you’ll have a hard time having a bad time in the bedroom.

I obviously can’t explain the first-hand effects of phenibut on the female orgasm, but a girl I’ve been seeing told me that when we first had sex on phenibut, her orgasms were so intense that she felt like she was going to faint. Again, your mileage may vary.

The pleasure-enhancing effects of phenibut only seem to kick in after a while, though. Don’t quaff four capsules right before you bone and expect to have your mind blown. According to Chris from Good Looking Loser, you need to take phenibut at least four hours before sex to get any benefit from it.

Where Do You Get Phenibut?

I’ve used two separate brands of phenibut: Primaforce and Happy Hippo Herbals (the sister site of Good Looking Loser). I recommend Happy Hippo’s phenibut for a number of reasons.

First off, Happy Hippo phenibut is purer than Primaforce’s by far. Primaforce phenibut contains magnesium stearate, cellulose, silicon dioxide and other junk byproducts, while Happy Hippo’s is 99.99 percent pure. I can achieve the same level of calmness and euphoria with 500 milligrams of Happy Hippo phenibut that would require one gram of Primaforce stuff.

Secondly, it’s cheaper. Happy Hippo phenibut is $23 for 50 grams, while Primaforce is $13 for 22.5 grams (90 capsules that are 250 milligrams each). Add in the fact that you can do more with less of Happy Hippo’s phenibut and the savings are even greater. Primaforce does offer phenibut in powder form, but even still, Happy Hippo is the better bet.

About the only thing I don’t like about Happy Hippo is the fact that they don’t offer phenibut in capsules. While phenibut doesn’t taste bad (it’s actually quite sweet), I sometimes like to bring spare phenibut capsules with me when I know I’m going to be in a social situation for a while, and with Happy Hippo, I have to make my own.

Aside from this, Happy Hippo is the way to go if you want high-quality and effective phenibut.

How to Use Phenibut

My dosing schedule is based along Good Looking Loser’s recommendations, though I’ve toyed with it somewhat to fit my needs. Again, feel free to tinker with my advice to find what works best for you.

When I wake up in the morning, I take 500 milligrams of phenibut with 200 milligrams of caffeine (in pill form) and a glass of water. If using Primaforce, I double the dosage to one gram. 45 minutes later, I eat lunch and take my other supplements. If I think I’m going to need more, two hours later I’ll take another 500 milligrams. Finally, if I think I’m going to need even more, I’ll take another 500 milligrams five hours after my initial dose.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t exceed four grams in a 24-hour period, nor should you take more than two grams in a single serving. At that high a dosage level, phenibut will knock you out like a light. If your goal is to get some sleep, I suppose you can do it, but like I said, using phenibut as a sleep aid is wasting it.

Finally, you absolutely must cycle phenibut in order to avoid developing a tolerance. Phenibut is incredibly addictive and if you take it continuously, you’ll not only experience diminishing returns, you’re setting yourself up for painful withdrawal when you run out. If you’re using Happy Hippo phenibut, the directions tell you not to use it for more than three days in a row without a four day break. When using Primaforce, I found that four days on, three days off was the best schedule.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you cycle phenibut properly, you can experience residual effects even when you’re not using the stuff. For example, ever since I started taking phenibut and I’m cycling off it, I occasionally experience a weaker form of the pleasant prickling sensation I get when I am using it.


If you use it properly, phenibut is one of the best nootropics that you can buy. No other over-the-counter supplement (and indeed, few pharmaceuticals) offers its breadth of positive effects on mood, anxiety and quality of life. Phenibut helped me put my life back in order, and it can help you too.

Click here to buy Happy Hippo Phenibut.

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  • Brad Minyard

    If you take fasoracetam with phenibut, it makes the effects even better. Faso helps your body build new GABA-B receptors. One of the downsides of chronic phenibut use is tolerance. Faso eliminates this problem. You can get it at powder city for cheap.

  • Good Looking Loser

    I was one of the very first to try Phenibut when it came out in the early part of 2000 – the ONLY people it aint going to work for is people with a pre-existing Benzo/gaba tolerance. On fresh ‘receptors’ it’s amazing – one of the only anti-anxiety compound that won’t kill motivation. Great writeup Matt.

  • Good Looking Loser

    I’ve heard about that too, good info

  • Brad Minyard

    Chris! T-Bone here. You may not realize this, but you are the reason I found out about phenibut. Been following your blog ever since.

  • Good Looking Loser

    Awesome dude. Glad to hear it!

    I’m going to get some Fasoracetam too.
    I haven’t heard of it until recently.

  • enriquegp

    I got the Primaforce Phenibut after reading this article. Matt, be very careful with this recommendation. I had the worst possible experience anyone can have with this substance. Mind you, it was foolish of me to take a relatively high dose – 3.5 grams, divided between two separate doses – but it was enough to leave me vomiting the next morning. Since I was puking a yellow bile, my skin turned yellow instead of the usual pale in a more typical vomiting episode, I had to be rushed to a hospital and I was hooked up to an IV. So to anyone interested in it after reading the article, dose it EXTREMELY CAREFULLY. In spite of the fact that Matt finds the Primaforce Phenibut weaker, your first dose should not exceed 1 gram.

  • Matias

    Thanks for this info!

    Thanks to Chris I started playing with Phenibut and it’s been amazing so far. But the thing I don’t like is the 4 OFF days I take every 3 ON days. Do you think Fasoracetam is the answer here? Cheers!

    Oh, by the way. Fasoracetam seems to be discontinued in Powder City. Any other recommendation?

  • Matias


  • Jimmy B.

    today’s my second time taking phenibut. around 2g… i got the prickling/tingling feeling and i feel calmer, tho it’s way more in my body than in my mind. but i really don’t feel a “mood lift” or happy like so many people talk about. and “feeling one with the trees?” like seriously? lol i think i MIGHT have said that when i first tried pot as a teenager, but to say something like that with this is such a joke… i wonder if he’s getting referral $ or something… overall i guess this stuff would mellow you out if you’re having a really anxious day, but it’s definitely overhyped on the internet in my opinion.

  • Shiva

    Could you give us an update on your Phenibut usage and experience?

  • AngieG

    Does Fasoracetam really help with Phenibut tolerance? Do you have personal experience with this?

  • Stryc9nine

    Just remember, don’t over use it or else you’ll build tolerance and lose it’s effects or even have adverse effects.

  • Drew

    Phenibut is sweet? It’s like someone dipped Warheads candy in plastic. It is the most vile-y sour substance I’ve ever taken. Also, it is incredibly physically addictive. I feel like you could get people in a lot of trouble with the way you’ve presented phenibut here.

  • David Marshall

    Changed my life too. I don’t know how to describe the feeling other than to say that while on phenibut, I felt like humans are supposed to feel. Happy, calm, relaxed, etc. It took about 1-2 hours to kick in, and then it was all love for the next 24 hours. I try to take it about twice every week. No bad side effects thus far. Got mine from “phenibut DOT org”. It honestly changed my life too Matt, and so glad I found it.

  • Robert Jones

    Is there no ‘comedown’? Surely what goes up must come down.
    I could take phenibut for 3 months and find benefit but if suddenly it became unavailable, would i prefer that id never taken it in the first place because my brain could be affected after ?

  • Jack

    Who taught you affiliate marketing. There are like 1,000 outbound links here.

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  • casshern

    You know it works in almost identical way to how alcohol does? Gaba receptors. Same problem with withdrawals, addiction but I guess there is way less toxicity. Still, it’s dangerous to recommend it like this

  • Googlegal

    Yeah, no
    I can’t take anything a guy says seriously when he spouts such troglodyte crap as:
    ” the attractiveness of the girl you’re banging” when referring to how well this supplement works. Gtfoh with that tripe.