Matt Forney
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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I’ve always hated introducing myself, because I always come off as a self-important windbag. So I’ll keep this short.

My name is Matt Forney, and my life sucks. I could go through the various ways in which it sucks, but I’m not here to plead for sympathy. I’m here to change myself.

In less than two months, I’m leaving my hometown to begin my life anew. I’ve started this blog to chronicle the things I see and do and the people I meet along the way.

But more than that, I want this blog to be an examination of my generation, the Millennials. We’re a generation stuck in neutral, weighed down by our failures in a way no other generation of Americans ever has been. I want to find out why.

Most bloggers write under pseudonyms out of fear. For all of our self-congratulatory chest-beating about being “the land of the free,” Americans are herd conformists who shout down anyone who dissents from the party line. We all know that almost everything said by the politicians, the media, the mainstream is a lie, but none of us dare speak up, lest we lose our jobs and have our reputations destroyed.

Matt Forney is my real name. It’s the one that appears on my birth certificate, driver’s license and passport. I have no reputation to ruin and my career advancement prospects back home are less than zero. I write under my real name because I don’t care anymore. The commissars of political correctness have nothing to threaten me with.

I’ve lived most of my life passively, hoping for good things to happen to me instead of making them happen myself. No more. Today, I take my destiny into my own hands.

Let the games begin.