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Matt Forney’s Podcast Extravaganza, Episode One: 2013 — The Year the Manosphere Broke


Yes, I’ve hopped on the bandwagon. Surrendered to the jeering hordes. You can now download my mad ravings in audio format and inject them straight into your skull. In this first (and possibly last) episode, I talk about why I stopped doing YouTube videos, why fame is a double-edged sword, the invasion of frauds, phonies and groupies into the manosphere, and attempt to recruit co-hosts for future episodes so I don’t have to do all the work.

You can listen to the whole thing below:

A few notes:

  • I was having an allergy outbreak when I recorded this last night, and despite popping a couple of Benadryls, I still came off somewhat sniffly. My bad.
  • This podcast is completely unedited. I could have cut out all the pauses and “ums” and whatnot, as well as some linguistic screw-ups (for example, when I was talking about 1991: The Year Punk Broke), but I left them in for authenticity and to encourage myself to improve in future episodes.
  • The humming noise in the background is my laptop’s cooling pad; my (quieter) Macbook is in the shop right now.
  • I would have led into the podcast with Jerry Harrison’s “Man with a Gun” (akin to how Dagonet began his podcast with Passion Pit’s “Take a Walk”), but I didn’t want to get sued or pay a king’s ransom for music licensing. Any advice for me on this front, feel free to chime in.

Otherwise, let me know you what you think and give me your suggestions for future podcasts in the comments.

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  • Looking forward to listening. I won’t get sued for using real music, though SoundCloud might remove it at some point, if they were feeling dickish.

  • Download audacity (freeware); it has a “noise removal” feature, where it takes a sample of the background noise, and then deletes it from the rest of the audio.

    Super easy and quick. I’m working on doing it with my videos, but I need a decent video editor first.

  • Aurini: Irony of ironies, I used Audacity to record this podcast. Thing is, it’s always been a pain in the ass to use with Windows 7; I’m shocked that I was even able to get my mic working with the damn thing.

    Dagonet: If that’s the case…

  • Caveat– If you plan on directly selling or profiting from your podcast, then copyrighted material (beyond fair use) could become a liability.

  • Slumlord

    I must be blind, but I can’t find the podcast (Mac OS X)

  • Slumlord: Added a SoundCloud embed, try that.

  • PA

    You said “I haven’t seen her picture, but she’s probably not attractive.”

    She used to show her photo in her avatars. She’s in her early 30s, and very nice looking.

  • Slumlord


  • Thanks for the nice words about my show, good job on your first episode, hope you keep doing it. We’ll have to guest on each others shows at some point.

    I also shied away from interviews as its kind of Pete’s thing, but who knows competition is a good thing.

  • Jeb

    The thing what sucks about podcasts or v-blogs is that there is nothing to actually link to… so, all your insights swirl down the toilet-bowl of internet time, never to be heard again. With an actual manuscript, people will link to concepts and keep them alive forever.

  • Podsnap

    Put it on iTunes – more people will listen to it. Me for one.

  • Theodore Logan

    It is obvious you are not very comfortable in recording. You need to relax. Smoke or drink a beer or two before you hit the record button next time. Treat your podcasts with the same “I don’t give a fuck what you think” attitude that you have on your blog posts and you will do fine.

  • Podsnap: Was going to, but iTunes will have to be a no-go:

    Why was my podcast removed or not approved?
    Unauthorized copyrighted material, profane metadata, erotica, illegal solicitations, and hate speech are prohibited in the iTunes Store. Podcasts with no episodes or with technical problems will be removed. Podcasts with no recent episodes can remain in iTunes but may disappear from some areas.

    Given that future podcasts will involve me reading off obscene erotic search strings into the microphone, these are restrictions that I simply cannot abide.

  • Podsnap

    Matt – why not just put it up and then wait for them to remove you ? Literally thousands of podcasts in iTunes, I doubt they monitor them at all.

    Apple are to be despised but iTunes works very well with podcasts. Use and abuse the machine.

  • Remnant

    Some general ideas on the podcast:

    — consider having guests / interviews (not just a a replacement host, but someone speaking with you). A conversational dynamic can make it more interesting and coherent. For instance, you do a lot of book reviews; maybe supplement with interviews with authors (Jack Donovan, Frost, etc). (You mention it on this podcast and it would be a good idea)

    — consider editing in brief “segment” markers (the way Derb does). It will give the podcast more structure and less of a stream of consciousness feel.

    — possible topics: literary precursers / influences on alt-right/manosphere (e.g. Celine, Houllebecq, etc.); interplay between alt-right and other communities (paleo, manosphere, etc.); going abroad.