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Matt Forney’s Podcast Extravaganza, Episode Ten: Now I Know My ABCs


In this installment of the Extravaganza, I talk about the recent Daily Beast article on the manosphere (and my involvement with its author), comment on the backlash against ABC and 20/20 over their segment on the ‘sphere, and elaborate more on the narcissism of feminists in relation to my article on female self-esteem. It’s a goddamn wild ride, so strap yourselves in.

Listen below:

My articles on ABC and 20/20: “ABC, 20/20 and the Manosphere: The Real Story,” “Are Alyssa Pry and Alexa Valiente Guilty of Journalistic Fraud?,” “Is Sarah Figalora Guilty of Journalistic Fraud?,” “When ABC Met the Manosphere… and Me.”

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  • Mina

    the censoring hammer seems heavier for women posters in support of the “manosphere” and against the myth of the “rape culture” … other posters (sex unknown) with the same message are getting through just fine.

    interesting, no?

  • Mina

    to clarify …. the censor hammer at the ABC News 20/20 article … not here. ;-)