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Matt Forney’s Podcast Extravaganza, Episode Nineteen: Search Terms Special — “How to Break Up with a Guy Who Has a Small Cock”


In this not-sucky edition of the podcast, I discuss idolization and the recent dustup over Matt C.’s post at The 3 Bromigos, talk about Roosh’s new subreddit Red Kings (and why red pill ideas have an uphill climb on Reddit), read aloud the most fucked-up search strings I got for December, and more.

Listen below:

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  • Alex

    We live in a virtual reality with beautiful people all around and have forgotten the fact that most are below average, no need to apologise on how you look, you slightly above average and will probably get better with age.
    Happy new near.

  • Articulate and well thought out points, and I admire the stance you took on this instead of acting out like some of the people in general that you mentioned.

    I followed up my post with a comment on Jeremy’s post which I’m sure you read. It wasn’t intended to be a “hater” post which I’m glad you saw. It was just an easy example using you and Danny, granted maybe not an accurate one since you mentioned you’ve changed since that picture, etc, etc, etc.

    The point at which I stopped reading your blog was a post you wrote where you picked a girl up from the airport (maybe a “groupie” or something, I don’t remember). With that picture fresh in my mind, I couldn’t take the post seriously when you were saying “alpha this, alpha that” and generally being a bit of an asshole to the girl.

    I get that it’s a persona, I get that writing styles are influenced by attracting interest and I get that’s what we all do. But at this point, I could no longer continue reading because I started seeing it more for what it was: satire, light entertainment and a story with gloss – whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter. You’re not the only person I stopped reading, but as I said, easy examples for a bit of a lazy point I was trying to make.

    As I wrote on Sploosh’s post, beyond that paragraph where I mentioned you and Danny, nothing else was directed at you guys. I have people in my life that help me with things I want help with and don’t need to read up on blogs about them as I have go-to guys when I need information. If I read something, it’s to learn how to have sex with really hot girls or be entertained by stories of having sex with really hot girls – hence why Christian’s blog/podcast is so popular.

    I haven’t been reading a lot in the manosphere since about January/February last year. A lot of the people I was reading started talking about feminism over, and over, and over again, MRA, MGTOW and all that. It just doesn’t interest me.

    As I said in the post and the comment on Sploosh’s blog, you’re a great writer and your blog is great too. You’re clearly more intelligent than me and can argue on political/social discussions in a much better way than I can. It’s just that your blog was no longer for me.

    I think it shows your value as a person too which I admire. *Maybe* it could have presented a few home truths to you (the post in general, not just that one paragraph) and you could’ve got pissy like some of the people were on Twitter and in the comments. That suggests to me they took offence to something because what I was saying was indeed hitting too close to home for them.

    You’ve responded in an articulate, objective and logical way. That says a lot more about you.

    Who knows? Maybe later on in the year I’ll be back, but for now, I’m more interested in making money and living in “the real world”.

    Take care mate.

  • John Manor

    I appreciate your efforts and your material and so but I have to tell you… this is supposed to be a podcast? Comes across as mainly incoherent, hardly intelligible stuff, mumbling… and sorry mate it was the first podcast I ever heard that actually grossed me out, the burping… are you drunk? It could be cool… but, sorry, for me didn´t come across as cool. This was significantly worse than the podcast that Cleary already, rightfully, criticized. Again, thanks for your stuff and effort… but this did not cut it for me, man! Just a feedback… for “self-improvement…” ;-)

  • neuro

    Please cut down on saying “it’s like” and “you know”. Cheers,

  • neuro

    I also concur with the criticisms John has. Hope the shows improve. We need more quality podcasts out here on this side of the internet!