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Matt Forney’s Podcast Extravaganza, Episode Two: My North Country Handjob Affair


Now with intro music and fancy fade effects!

In this edition of the Podcast Extravaganza, recorded after a long and grueling road trip, I talk about the evils of drunk driving laws, respond to Dagonet’s podcast about handjobs with a story of my own, and explain why feminists want Christian McQueen (and other anti-feminists) dead; they’re literally insane. I also down two bottles of Alexander Keith’s IPA, talk about my upcoming Delicious Tacos-style search terms episode, and narrowly evade food poisoning from eating at Dairy Queen.

Listen below:

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Note that despite what I said in the podcast, I still haven’t been able to upload the Podcast Extravaganza to iTunes due to technical issues; I’m trying to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

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  • Theodore Logan

    Are YOU washed in the BLOOD???? Doesn’t that eerily sound like a question being asked by the likes of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dalmer, Ed Gein, and BTK? yeah, I thought so too.

  • Great podcast. Some choice quotes.

    About lefties: “Half of them probably don’t even leave their house, except to scratch their balls or go to the supermarket.”

    I look forward to the next one.