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Matt Forney’s Podcast Extravaganza, Episode 28: Pain to the Max


In this edition of the podcast, I talk about Mike Anissimov’s (crazy, retarded) plan to start a monarchist commune in Idaho, why The Rocky Horror Show is a massively overrated piece of shit, my plan to detox from social media next month, and a whole lot more.

Listen below:

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  • Sorry, Matt. I pity you if you’re unable to appreciate that The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the greatest movies ever made. While I have no interest in the silly, food-throwing midnight circuit cult, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was my initiation into the musical.

    One thing that may be preventing you from enjoying it is what would seem to be your lack of nostalgia, of which this film is a powerful dose – and was even at the time of its release, with its homages to 50s-60s sci-fi and early rock and roll. You don’t even like 60s music (!), so I don’t suppose you ought to be expected to get 50s music either. This is high camp done to perfection, with gorgeous, infectious songs by Richard O’Brien and beat-perfect performances and choreography.

    From an ideological standpoint, it clearly isn’t in line with neoreactionary ideas, except in its assertion that immoral excess can be taken too far and is not without consequences. The Rocky Horror Picture Show normalizes homosexuality, promiscuity, and so forth, and to that extent is arguably vile, but it is also a movie with an offbeat reverence of sorts for the cinematic traditions which (and in which) it taps.

    As for successful communes or related ventures, there’s Francis Schaeffer’s L’Abri project in Switzerland. The one you describe, however, sounds more like it’s doomed to inconsequence rather than violent catastrophe. For now, the dispersed, non-geographical, and semi-anonymous nature of the more extreme tendencies of the Dark Enlightenment may be a strength, since they can’t all be rounded up or Assanged.

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