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Matt Forney’s Podcast Extravaganza, Episode 29: Search Terms Special — “Raped by a Huge Cock Rapist in My Bedroom”


In this edition of the podcast, I debut my new(er) theme music, talk about my genius plan to bring legal prostitution to America (and why it won’t work), and discuss the benefits of cold showers for men. I also read aloud crazy and fucked up search strings I got in March, answer some emails, and discuss mens’ innate reluctance to lead and dominate women as inspired by the novel The Man Who Saw His Own Liver.

Listen below:

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  • Lena S.

    Regarding reluctant leaders, it may be that men innately know that tyranny over another human being is inherently Satanic. Being dominant doesn’t mean dominating someone in the sense of being a despot over them. It’s subtle, but there is a difference in here that is rather difficult to express. Domineering is weak, dominance is strong. Strength doesn’t need to dominate, but inspires following. That is why the best leaders are reluctantly so – they are not coming from a need to prove themselves dominant over others, but exude strength that can be depended upon.

    All that to say, yes, you were making sense and I think something like the above is what you were getting at.

  • Part of the charm of Bradley’s writing is in this quixotic and nakedly romantic aspiration to find “right relationship” with the universe. A.K Swift is a guy — a vet with blood on his hands — who bungles Zen at comic and tragic turns, which is why that dialog with Alicia is so poignant. The very thing he struggles with as a man is something that seems so essential and unremarkable to her. It seems oddly appropriate that it should distill to a kernel of relationship advice because it’s about harmony, or such harmony that yet can be located in a world where madness and strife prevail There’s a reason men dedicate books to the women who wait.

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