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Matt Forney’s Podcast Extravaganza, Episode Three: Mr. Obama Goes to Syracuse


On this funky fresh installment of the podcast, I discuss President Obama’s speech tour across upstate New York, lament the decline of masculinity in modern music (as inspired by a Parliament-Funkadelic concert), and explain why manospherians are justified in attacking the fat acceptance industry. I also talk about why I’d rather dig ditches than work for the New York State Fair ever again, comment on the recent anti-white hate murder of Australian Chris Lane (tying it into the recent conviction of one of the punks who murdered Michael Daniels in Syracuse several months back), and solicit questions and topics for future episodes.

Listen below:

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  • Callowman

    Hey Matt

    I listen to your podcast on iTunes. To subscribe, copy the rss feed url…

    …and paste it into to File/Subscribe to Podcast in iTunes.

    Et voilà! Not searchable in the iTunes Store, sure, but eminently usable.

  • Callowman

    Oops … you mention it yourself.

    Never mind

  • Frankie Teardrop is the scariest shit put on tape ken. One of my favorite albums.