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Matt Forney’s Podcast Extravaganza, Episode 30: Minter and Kate Sittin’ in a Tree…


In this edition of the podcast, I talk about the untimely return of Mark Minter and his delusional groupie bride, discuss a story about explosive crude oil being shipped through major cities in upstate New York (thanks to Obama and anti-hydrofracking nutjobs) and how a crude oil train explosion killed dozens of people in a Quebec town last year, explain how manosphere networking got me a new job, and more.

Listen below:

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  • I’m 10 minutes from Albany in East Greenbush. What a show that would be of fireball rolling through it!…and you have no idea how many times I mantra scream “enjoy the decline! enjoy the decline!” what someone shows or tells me a news story like that.

  • When someone shows*

  • You should practice speaking more.

  • Another thing is. If you have the technical skills is to edit in some sound effects instead of doing them with your voice.

  • Forney prior to divorce, I paid taxes on $250,000. The essence of what I wrote about was what went on during the marriage, the pitfalls that occurred in divorce, and primarily I believed that given the reality of the laws, of women, of what happened in marriage, that it was better to find another way, an alternative to it for a young man to spend his life. That was it, that was all. I didn’t seek to use the men of the manosphere, like you and others, as some resource to be mined for money.

    EVERY FUCKING THING I EVER WROTE WAS 100% TRUE. I am not Faulkner with some incredible gift of fiction. I told it as I fucking saw it.

    It seems obvious to me. Given that 50% of marriages end in divorce, and 50% of the men that stay married, given the misandry that exists in society, given that men were biologically compelled to want women, then it was obvious that there was another way to get that which men wanted from them ….

    And to not avoid an ass raping.

    Sorry man, if other read what I wrote and saw it as something to agree with.

    All right so I am back writing. And you know what? That shit is researched, studied and I do it for free, only to contribute to the knowledge base. Every article I have put it since I started writing is back, massively by studies and papers. I have poured over studies and have attempted to put something concrete out and worthwhile out into the manosphere. I have no adsense, no form of monetization whatsoever.

    All in attempt to assist men in finding something that is a way to get through. I don’t make a fucking dime for doing so.

    And fucker, if you say one more fucking thing about Kate, I am gonna find you and beat your fucking ass. Kate is in the manosphere exactly for the same reasons other people are. She finds the current culture to be a fucking lie and that women are sold a line of shit just like men. Sorry if she believes that after being educated in this doctrine, then she would belief any relationship she could possibly have would be with a guy who has the same beliefs she has. If you want to call that a groupie then fine, your prerogative. Stupid, but your prerogative.

    She is attractive enough she could have played men, done as every other woman. But no, she is chaste with 3 sexual partners before me in her whole life, one of them her husband. She has eaten a ton of public shame and humiliation because of me, for nothing more than wanting to have a relationship with someone that she cares about. She has backed me to the wall, defied her family, supported my goals, and has been a better friend and ally then I ever have had in my life. If every woman acted and believed as she does, you would be working at McDonalds instead of making a living off the men in the manosphere.

    I got my own site and I will post this comment to you on it, so delete it if you want. I don’t fucking care. But if you then you are fucking pussy and I promise others will know you did.

    How dare you stand as some sort of holier than thou figure when you are just as much of a sell out huckster that makes his living inflaming the anger of men.

    You want to throw, lets go. I am sick this shit from fuckers like you. I am not fucking backing down any more from any of you assholes. My attempts are to help men, not fucking make money off them. So any more of you hucksters want to bring it, then come on.

  • J

    Top that, motherfucker!

  • RichardP

    I read the definition of a man somewhere in the manosphere recently: “don’t complain; don’t explain”. Hmmm.

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