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Matt Forney’s Podcast Extravaganza, Episode Eight: Search Terms Special — “Creepy Fat Guy Finally Fucks Some Pussy”


A brief podcast recorded last week, I run down the most insane chubby chasing, tranny-loving, horsefucking, and retard fetish search terms I got for the month of September. Grab yourself a shot of Tito’s and enjoy.

Listen below:

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  • Strong woman

    This man is awesome.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes, he is.]

  • fuck you

    You are a fucking ignorant dumb ass. Choke on your own dick you loser.

  • I keep thinking the guy in the photo above is going to stick his finger in his belly button.

  • Destroy all politicians

    I thought the guy in the article thumbnail was an obese woman until I noticed his face.

  • It’s pretty funny that you could milk a whole show, or at least a half show, out of all these fatty sex term searches. I see a lot of search terms about castration when I check my stats. There are apparently a lot of people excited by porn with that theme. Also, after writing one post about a movie with comic Alphonso McAuley, I started getting tons of hits from people looking for information about the comedian’s penis.