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Politics is a Waste of Time

This is a guest post by Tim.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, and occasionally arguing, political issues. But all of that has been time wasted.

The simple reason for this is because nearly all political events are awful.

When was the last time you heard of good political news? I don’t care about who has been elected. I mean when was the last time you heard news of a new law or law repeal that made your life better?

When I first happened across economics, I found it to be fascinating (despite my college economics teachers’ best efforts to the contrary). Why? It’s a study of why I’m right about everything. Between economics and history we can easily conclude the best answer to any political question.

Clearly all we need to do is see what makes sense and what has worked in the past in order to determine what we should do in the present. Unfortunately, about half of the population cannot, will not, or is too corrupt to understand things like basic economics or history.

My longtime favorite website, (2003-2010) once pondered what was wrong with these people:

Is this because Democrats are:

A. Stupid

B. Evil

C. Stupid, evil, and goddamn dirty Communists.

While FrankJ wrote this in jest (not really) there seems to me to be a lot of truth in this.

The average Democrat voter votes for Democrats because they think that the Democrats “care more” or whatever such nonsense. They’re clearly stupid.  And there is no point in talking to them about it because they can not or will not understand.

Let’s try a hypothetical discussion between a rational person (RP) and a Democratic voter who is capable of understanding economics and history (D):

D: We should elect Democrats because they will make our lives better.

RP: Detroit.

D: Oh yeah…

D: We need restrictive gun control in order to reduce violent crime.

RP: Chicago.

D: Uh…

D: We need to raise the minimum wage.

RP: Would $1,000,000 an hour work?

D: Of course not; don’t be ridiculous.

RP: What’s an argument for a $10 an hour minimum wage that you could not also make for a $1,000,000 an hour minimum wage?

D: …

And so on.

Clearly the average Democrat voter is stupid. But what about the Democratic politicians themselves? You can’t get elected by being stupid.

Well, most of the time you cannot get elected while being stupid. Some politicians clearly are stupid. But most aren’t. Why not research how much your Congressman was worth before getting elected and how much he’s worth now? Stupid or evil?

At one time, I thought Al Gore was stupid (did you hear about the snow in Egypt?), but he made a billion dollars promoting his nonsense. He can’t be that stupid. Since he’s not stupid, why is he arguing that we should change our lives for his hoax?

Answer: most politicians are evil.

But as stupid and/or evil as Democrats and the people who vote for them are, they’re not the worst problem in politics.

Republican politicians had the House, Senate, and Presidency for a few years. Did our budget get balanced? Is the IRS gone? Do we still have crushing entitlement problems?

How stupid do you have to be to repeatedly vote for a party of idiots who never do what they say they will do, and instead agree to stupid budget deals in the name of “compromise?”

Those of you who vote for Republicans know that more government is awful and yet you vote to sustain and increase its size and scope.  And not only that, I’ll bet that most of you will admit that you voted for the “lesser evil” in 2012. Because a man who signed socialized healthcare into law and supports gun control (Romney) is clearly less evil than the other guy.

The fact remains that you voted for evil. Evil is evil; there is no “lesser” about it.

Since voting won’t change anything anyway, that leaves us with the biggest problem in politics today.

Not the parasites who live off of the labors of others.

Not the villainous cretins who “redistribute” your wealth.

Not the always disappointing Stupid Party.

The problem is you who pay your taxes.

How long would our government last if those who opposed it stopped funding it? If only Republican voters stopped paying for the government, how long could it survive? I often hear that the Republican House of Representatives controls the budget. So why don’t they balance it?

You control the government’s income; why do you still support it?

(FYI, I pay the taxes that I’m required to, because its less of a hassle than not to. So I’m part of the problem as well.)

Tim blogs at Spootville.

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