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The Portland Shooter and der Wille zur Macht


NOTE: This article was originally published at The Right Stuff on December 14, 2012. I’m re-posting it here as I am no longer affiliated with the site.

People have been after me to say something about the shooting in Portland Clackamas County the other day. I wasn’t inspired to until yesterday morning. After spending the night in a socialist commune, I was watching the morning news when the shooter story came up. One of the vagrants shouted out, “Dumbass! You want to kill yourself, fine, but don’t kill other people in the process!”

I thought, “You’re the dumbass. It wasn’t about suicide.”

If Jacob Roberts merely wanted to end his life, he’d have done it in the privacy of his home. The point of spree shootings isn’t to commit suicide, it’s to make the shooter famous.

Let’s look at Roberts’ life. He’s not as bad off as the typical spree case—he had a girlfriend, for example—but like most early twentysomething men, he likely woke up one day and realized he had no future. Whether he went to college or not, he was looking forward to a life of menial minimum-wage jobs, viewed by society as a “loser” even though he played the game exactly the way they told him.

To someone trapped in such a hole, with no apparent way out, why not shoot up a shopping mall?

Thanks to his actions, Jacob Roberts is now famous. His name is on the lips of every gun grabber from Seattle to Schenectady. The news media is running nonstop stories devoted to him and his murderous spree, splaying his creepy mug across the screen every chance they get. Even when the news cycle dies down, he’ll have a place in history alongside Pekka-Eric Auvinen, Cho Seung-hui, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

It’s been well over a decade and we’re still talking about Columbine. Who knows for how long we’ll be talking about this guy?

The media refers to spree shootings as “senseless,” but from the perspective of a Jacob Roberts, they make total sense. If your life sucks and there’s no way out, do something stupid and crazy so that people will remember you.

And if you can take down a few untermenschen in the process, even better.

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