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President Donald Trump’s First Year in Review: Triumphs and Tribulations

Saturday marked the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, and in celebration, I’m going to assess how his term in office has been going so far. After living the bulk of my life with three presidents—Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama—who were progressively worse than their predecessors, Trump’s tenure has seen genuine improvement not only for me personally, but for the nation at large.

Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly about President Trump’s first year…

The Good

Trump has made progress with regards to immigration. The wall hasn’t been built yet, but deportations (real deportations, not the fake deportations that happened under Obama) are up and Mexicans and other Latinos are afraid to travel to America because of it. ICE has been kicking down doors and rounding up illegal aliens who should have been sent home decades ago, and whole classes of undesirables have been banned from entering the country via the Muslim travel ban and the ending of work visas for Haitians. Trump’s got this, fam.

The tax reform bill is a major victory for middle America. While the watered-down version that was passed by Congress isn’t as good as the original bill, the combo of tax cuts for the productive class and the end of the Obamacare individual mandate (which will kill Obamacare) are immeasurable victories. Indeed, Americans’ opinion of the tax reform bill has gone up in the past month because they’re realizing they’ll no longer have to pay insane health insurance premiums or face ridiculous tax penalties. Not only that, the tax reform bill will strengthen Trump-supporting, low-tax middle American states and hurt high-tax blue states.

On the foreign policy front, Trump has made it clear that America is back in charge. The Donald has turkey-slapped Angela Merkel, castrated Justin Trudeau, and helped give firm backing to nationalist, anti-immigrant governments in eastern Europe. Trump has wiped out ISIS in less than a year after Obama struggled to contain them for most of his second term and is finally dealing with the North Korean menace. Most importantly, he’s killed TPP, is renegotiating NAFTA, and is making it clear that the rest of the world can no longer treat America like a garbage dump for their cheap consumer goods and criminal migrants.

Finally, Trump’s constant Twitter trolling, while making him come off like a whiner at times, has kept the fake news media and the left on their toes. With every snipe at Chuck Schumer and anti-CNN GIF, he’s exposing the American public to populist and nationalist ideas, shifting the political dialogue further right for the first time in my lifetime. Even if Trump’s presidency ultimately turns out to be a bust, his actions in widening the Overton window will produce lasting change in America.

It doesn’t hurt that the Democrats have been self-destructing in the past year. Between the constant revelations of Obama’s and Clinton’s corruption via the Mueller investigation to the collapse of Hollywood under a flurry of #MeToo accusations to Trump tricking them into shutting down the federal government in order to protect illegal aliens, the left is systematically seeing its primary support structures collapse. While the left isn’t going to go away without a fight—as I’ll elaborate on below—provided Trump doesn’t screw up in a major way, he’s all but assured reelection in 2020.

The Bad

President Trump’s Middle Eastern policy is a mixed bag. While it’s good that he’s taken down ISIS, the problem is that he’s a Zionist president with a Zionist foreign policy. Granted, the Zionists have a vested interest in keeping the U.S. a majority white country due to the fact that the non-whites their Reform Jewish cousins have invited in are uniformly hostile to Israel, viewing it as a white supremacist colonial state. (This is also why Benjamin Netanyahu has been forging relationships with Poland, Hungary and other nationalist states in Europe.)

The problem with this is that if you were hoping for a non-interventionist foreign policy from Trump, you’re shit out of luck. The Zionists want to contain and weaken Russia due to their belief that it is Magog, destined to destroy Israel unless it is stopped (I’m serious). To this end, we will continue to see foreign-backed revolutions in Russia-aligned states such as Iran, as well as continued military and economic support for anti-Russia border states such as Ukraine, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. The claims of Trump’s collusion with Vladimir Putin are totally fake; Trump will likely turn out to be far more anti-Russia than Hillary Clinton could have ever dreamed of being.

My friend Davis Aurini is predicting that war will break out later this year, as the globalist/Reform Jewish faction and the nationalist/Zionist Jewish faction come to blows. I’m not so sure about this myself, but the reality is that the existing global order is falling apart. The best we can hope for is that Trump limits America’s involvement abroad to CIA backroom coups and machinations and doesn’t start any pointless wars like Dubya did.

The Ugly

President Trump has done precious little to keep the left from deplatforming and violently attacking his supporters. Virtually every major tech company has been converged by the left. As we saw in the wake of the Charlottesville disaster, everything from Twitter to Facebook to PayPal to credit card companies are seeking to ban right-wingers, keeping us from financially sustaining ourselves or getting our message out. My own site has been targeted; I watched my search traffic fall off a cliff after the inauguration, probably because Google added me to some kind of “fake news” blacklist.

While the end of net neutrality may turn out to be a good thing in that it will hurt leftist-controlled edge platforms like Twitter, Trump has shown shockingly little interest in defending his supporters’ right to free speech, even though it was their work on his behalf that got him elected in the first place. The Marsh v. Alabama Supreme Court case makes it illegal for Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to ban or censor people for political reasons, but Trump doesn’t care about this. Indeed, Ted Cruz has done more to fight for right-wingers who’ve been censored online than Trump has.

More disturbingly, President Trump has done nothing to reign in antifa, who are allowed to run amok in major cities attacking right-wing marches and gatherings. The U.S. is regressing back to the 1960’s and 1970’s, where radical left-wing terrorist groups such as the Weather Underground and the Symbionese Liberation Army freely carried out bombings and political assassinations. Just this past weekend, an antifa stabbed one of the attendees at Mike Cernovich’s “A Night for Freedom” in New York City, with the media running cover for this attempted murder.

President Trump was elected in part because Americans were sick of the disorder wrought by #BlackLivesMatter and wanted a leader who would bring the hammer down on them. If the federal government continues to allow antifa to operate freely, freedom of speech in America will die. When the president’s own supporters can’t even gather in public without black bloc thugs showing up with bats and mace, there’s a major problem.

The Future

Up until recently, I was worried about a Democratic wave election this year, due to the demoralization/laziness of the alternative media and Trump supporters and renewed energy on the left. The Republicans losing a Senate seat in Alabama last month didn’t comfort me. However, with the tax reform bill kicking in, the Schumer Shutdown making the Democrats look like fools, and the FISA memo revealing Soviet-style spying on the part of Barack Obama, I believe the Republicans will recover and make gains in November.

However, this is contingent on Trump’s base getting off their asses and doing the hard work. Stop thinking that Daddy is going to do the heavy lifting for you. If you want to make America great again, start getting involved in politics. Volunteer for nationalist candidates like Marsha Blackburn or Kelli Ward, even if it’s something lowly like phone banking. Help recruit pro-Trump candidates to win primaries against cucks. Hell, run for office yourself if you’ve got the chops.

In my estimation, President Trump’s greatest successes this past year have been in areas where he can act on his own and not have to deal with Congress’ dysfunction, such as immigration. In order to keep the revolution rolling forward, we need to step up and make it happen. We’ve come this far, and it’s our job to finish what President Trump has started.

I’m not sick of winning yet. Are you?

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